11 Fitness Tech Gadgets To Lookout In 2022

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The domain of fitness gadgets can be similarly as immense, brimming with tons of data and dazing as the universe of activity. Where would it be a good idea for you to contribute, and where would it be advisable for you to save? What’s really going to work on your exercise, and what’s only there to cheat you?

Health Gadgets

From smart cycles to arm wrists, all you want to know entering 2022 regarding fitness tech gadgets is included in this list. Since your child is getting smarter, you should also leverage these gadgets, coming from the technological revolution in the fitness industry.

Wave Roller

It is a firm and powerful vibrating roller that is really essential for your muscles recovery. Now, you can upgrade your foam rolling with this multi-tasking wave roller as it delivers therapeutic vibrations. It has five different intensities, which can be helpful for your muscle recovery.

You can easily control this device using your mobile phone with its Bluetooth option. Now track your recoveries, follow guided warm-ups, go for cool-downs and customize your rolling session with just a touch. You can easily buy it for under $150.

Hypervolt Go

Another beautifully designed gadget for percussive therapy. It is a wonderful massage gun that comes in a portable size and is too travel friendly. It is lightweight, one and a half pounds to be very exact.

It comes with three different speeds and can massage your muscles for a quick recovery with powerful pulses. It can be handy not only at gyms but at swimming pools, while jogging, or anywhere you want. You can buy it for $199.

Smart Exercise Mirror

AI-powered smart mirror, which uses machine learning, is the new fitness gadget getting popularity these days and would be a great addition to this list. Forme Studio Life and Studio Lift are among the best-selling smart mirrors. You can get it for under $2500.

These are full-length smart mirrors that bring up real-life fitness experiences to your home. It can broadcast several workouts like cardio, yoga, boxing, and strength.

It has a voice-controlled touch display along with AI technology that features personalized coaching according to your needs and fitness level. The Studio Lift version has a built-in resistance as well. It can be used as a full-length mirror when you are done, and it adds value to your home decor.

Whoop Strap 3.0

A fitness tracker comes as cheap as $30. It is an addition to the Whoop Strap family with an improvement in battery timing, Strain Coach functionality and a sweat-absorbing band. Particularly designed for fitness geeks, it is a super smart tracker.

It assists you in real-time. Along with helping you in telling if you should push your workout harder or slow it down based on your fitness and recovery level, it also measures your workout, recovery, sleeps and much more. It is completely waterproof, which makes it more reliable.

Interactive Studio By JaxJox

It is a compact yet full gym with a price starting from $2199. It provides you with an opportunity for interactive personal training, having a full library of workout classes on demand. It has adjustable dumbbells and kettlebells as well and works as recovery equipment too.

With its AI-powered performance tracking system, it provides you personalized recommendations and tracks your workout to make sure that you are getting the most out of your hard work.

Exum Guide Crew Socks

Exum guide compression crew socks by Vive Wear is a wonderful gadget for fitness enthusiasts. With an easy to access process of $24, they are of great use. The pair is prepared with copper and silver nanoparticles. Whenever you sweat during the exercise, these nanoparticles get activated and create microcurrents to reduce inflammation and boost circulation. It helps in stimulating muscle recovery.


It is a personal strength and fitness device equally handy for both men and women. This is simply a gym in your pocket. You can buy it for $109. Often it happens that you want to work out, but your partner isn’t coming to the gym, or you do not want to move out from home for any other reason. Activ5 is the best answer for all such situations.

The device, along with its mobile application, squeezes you in a strength training session anywhere, anytime. It provides you with a list of full-body isometric exercises, which are low-impact as well. You can also chart your progress as the App measures your strength, growth and precision.

Peloton Bike

As suggested by Dissertation Assistance in one of their health-related papers, a full-body home spin studio pricing is under $2500. It is one of the best pieces of equipment for cycling as it syncs with Apple Watch. Along with this, it has an adjustable screen that can be used to knock out the company provided bootcamp, yoga and floor classes other than cycling. It comes with an Auto Follow feature which can adjust according to the trainer’s instructions.

Liteboxer Bundle

A great interactive boxing platform for your bedroom, having a price of $1495. Now you can turn your room into a fantastic boxing ring. It is a freestanding boxing device. It can help you with punching guides and comes with LED lights that glow with each punch.

It can also sync your workout with the music beat. Moreover, it tracks your workout by measuring power, accuracy, and the number of punches. There is a Litebox app in which you opt to box solo or can also pick a trainer as per your need.

SKG F5 Massage Gun

Another massage gun in the list. But this one is a heated massage gun for percussive therapy. It is counted as the latest innovation in massage guns. Along with offering the standard muscle recovery massage, it comes with heat therapy. The device is very light when it comes to weight, easily portable and comfortable to all body parts.


These are smart running insoles that come with a coaching app. For $300, now you can upgrade your running and can track your performance. From your speed to form, cadence and gait, everything can be measured and tracked using smart insoles.

After the collection of data, it further transmits it to the App, where you can check your body performance. It can also tell you how much exercise your body needs. With a built-in coach, it can provide you with customized feedback and guidance in order to improve your stread.

I hope that these gadgets will bring positive change to your fitness routine coming into 2022.


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