The Rise of AI in Medical Billing

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Technology has revolutionized the world. It has altered and continues to alter many landscapes and areas of the world. In the modern setting, the drastic impacts of its rise are very conspicuous. Although there are arguments about whether or not technology has made the world a better place, it cannot be denied that many aspects of life have become so much easier because of it. 


Connecting with friends and families has become easy with mobile phones, searching for information is now very simple with the internet, there’s a convenience in going from places to places because of vehicles. There are many advantages technology has brought. It has completely changed the world, indeed. It did not only change peoples’ way of life, but it has changed peoples’ lives in general. 

In the present context, life without technology would be unimaginable. How difficult life would be without it. Can you imagine taking teenagers’ phones away? They would go mad if a day goes by that they are unable to use their phones to check their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Kidding aside, life would be very different if there was no technology. The world has become so dependent on technology. If you take it away at present, everything would fall apart. There would be no electricity. There would be no cars. No buildings. No phones. No computers. A lot of things would not exist. 

Practically all professions rely on technology in getting their work done. Different types of engineers use technological devices to carry out their tasks. Photographers use cameras. Programmers use computers. Businesses use different kinds of machines. Even some blue-collared workers use technology. 

One of the professions that rely heavily on technology the most is the medical profession. The world of medicine has always relied on it ever since. Machines have always been part of the medical profession. It started with simple devices like scalpels, then thermometers and microscopes were developed until more advanced instruments were created.  Throughout the years, medical instruments have continued to become more advanced. Machines that monitor and treat human conditions have been invented. 

At present, diagnoses and treatments of patients are very reliant on different kinds of technology. Machines such as ultrasound, x-ray, CT, PET, and MRI scanners have become very important parts of the medical field. To know more about the history of technology and its essence in medicine, visit this link.


AI in Medical Coding and Billing

Technological advancement in medicine has not only been limited to treatments and diagnoses, but it has also been extended to coding and billing. Medical coding is the process of transforming diagnoses, equipment, procedures, and medical services into universal alphanumeric codes. The codes are derived from medical record documentation. Every visit to a healthcare provider, documentation of your medical history, your complaint, and assessment of your condition is made. 

The coders make sure that the codes are correctly applied in the billing process by translating everything in the documentation to standardized codes. It is a very important process not only because of insurance claims matters, but this also helps in better treatment in future visits to a healthcare provider.

As mentioned above, technological advancement in medicine has also been integrated into medical coding. There are thousands of diseases, injuries, and death causes that have to be monitored. At the same time, there are also thousands of medical services rendered by healthcare providers. It is very difficult to take all those into account. Consequently, people have tried to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical coding to make the process easier. 

The goal of adding AI in coding is to make the process less prone to errors, reducing the workload of professional coders, and to minimize cost. This link: will tell you more about it. There are reports that AI in coding will be a threat to professional coders. It is very unlikely sine automated coding can only tend to simple conditions. The complicated ones will be handled by human coders.

The world has really depended and relied so much on tech to the extent that some human work can now be accomplished using technology. Embracing technological advancement has nothing wrong with it. Making use of and capitalizing it is a smart strategy. We are already in a new world, a world where tech is taking over. Adapting to such development makes so much sense.


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