Which Fantasy Was Your Favorite: Which Consoles Had the Best FF Versions

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People will endlessly debate about which Final Fantasy game they like the most. Are you into the classic appeal of Final Fantasy 6? What about the timeless qualities in Final Fantasy 7?


You could go on and on about their other titles like Tactics, Brave Exvius or Dissidia. Here we will go through the best consoles and their Final Fantasy collections.

Super Nintendo

Though Final Fantasy started with the original Nintendo, Final Fantasy 6 was the first huge hit for the company and is still considered one of their best. The amazing mix of detailed characters, interesting moves, the ability to summon espers and use them to learn magic and so many other elements made this game a classic everyone will love. If you haven’t played this game, then definitely consider picking it up.


Every PlayStation version has had at least one amazing Final Fantasy title. The original console has Final Fantasy 7, PlayStation 2 had Final Fantasy 10 and 12, PlayStation 3 had Final Fantasy 13 and PlayStation 4 has the newest titles that have been released to critical acclaim.

There have been a massive number of titles released through the PlayStation consoles, making it one of the best consoles for most Final Fantasy fans. That’s not to say that you should only concentrate on this system because there are other great titles, but most of the classic ones were first released through various PlayStation consoles.

Sony PSP

The PSP may not have had the most popular Final Fantasy titles, but there were definitely some interesting ones released here. Final Fantasy Dissidia is a fighting game featuring popular characters like Squall, Cloud, Terra and Tidus. While getting away from the common formula, it’s a fun game for those who want a break from RPGs.

You can also find a remake of Tactics known as War of the Lions, and there’s the polarizing Crisis Core game that people either loved or hated. PSP had it’s fair share of popularity with these games.


After their falling out, Final Fantasy creators released most of their titles outside of Nintendo, but a few still made it to Nintendo’s consoles. The only one on GameCube was Crystal Chronicles, another polarizing title that had enough popularity that it spawned several sequels on the Wii.

This game had RPG elements, but was more about exploration. Characters would go through maps and try to find treasure, destroy monsters and clear the area of danger. Many people enjoyed this game, and it’s worth checking out if you want a game with common Final Fantasy tropes, but that is still fresh enough to mix things up a little.


Android has a massive amount of Final Fantasy titles, but you probably don’t even realize it. Many of the classic consoles games have been released to the Google Play Store, and the ports have received high reviews. You also have the brand new Final Fantasy 15 along with other titles like Brave Exvius and Record Keeper.

You can download and play nearly all of the classic Final Fantasy games right from your smartphone or tablet, making them perfect companions for your commute or relaxation time. Android may not be the first place where most of these titles were released, but it’s a great area to relive the memories or experience titles that you never played before.


Everyone has their favorite Final Fantasy title. These beloved games have intricate RPG elements and engrossing stories of fantasy and science that draw in a huge crowd. Most popular consoles have had at least one popular Final Fantasy title, which shows just how strong this franchise is. If you’re interested in taking your games on the go, then see what Android offers.


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