Is it Possible to Recover Files from an SD Card?

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This article is all about Recover Files from an SD Card. A Secure Digital, or SD card is a flash memory card that is generally used in small digital devices, such as digital cameras, mobile phones and mp3 players. As with any memory device, SD cards can be damaged and need to undergo data recovery. Despite their size and fragile nature, data recovery is possible even if the data is accidentally deleted.

Recover Files from an SD Card

Before assuming the worst, it is best to check to be sure the disk has been properly inserted in the device. This is important, especially when the SD card is frequently removed by the user, as can be the case with digital cameras. Also, in the case of cameras and camcorders, be sure that the settings on the device have not been changed.

If the card has been inserted properly and the settings are correct, the files are still retained by the device’s internal memory. The internal memory can be copied to any one of the newer Transcend SD memory cards, or a similar model of course, and the files are retained.

In the event the data is accidentally deleted, users should stop using their SD card as soon as they realize they may have deleted pictures or files. Remove the card and place it back into its holder or some other safe place away from temperature fluctuations, moisture or other hazards.

When the SD disk is erased, the data is still there. It has been moved to other sectors, which are not readily accessible by the device. As long as these sectors have not been overwritten, such as having other pictures or files saved over the deleted images, it is possible to recover these files.

If this is the case, it is time to look into data recovery software. There are many programs available that can scan the SD card and retrieve the files. Many of these companies offer a free trial to see if the data is able to be recovered prior to making a purchase. Software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems providing the vast majority of users access to software.

Photo recovery software is generally successful for files that are accidentally deleted from the SD card or if the card has been reformatted in error. The software can also be useful if the damage is due to a power failure, a virus or a corrupted card. There are many programs available, but two of the most popular are Wondershare Photo Recovery and Disk Doctors Windows and Disk Doctors Photo Recovery.

Photo recovery software is specifically designed to recover photo, video and mp3 files. The card is inserted into a computer either directly or via USB connection and the software reads the card.

By following the on-screen directions, the files on the card can be saved to the computer’s hard drive. Windows software from Disk Doctors allows users to create a mirror image of the SD card to Recover Files from an SD Card. If the card has bad sectors, it will create and recover the files while ignoring the bad sectors.

If recovery software is unable to recover the lost files, users may need to contact a data recovery company. Reputable firms will always provide a free estimate including the time needed and the cost of recovery prior to beginning the project.

While realizing that the files on the SD card are gone may cause panic, chances are good that the files can be recovered with time, patience and the right tools. Do you know any specific softwares or tools that can help to Recover Files from an SD Card? Share with us via comments below.


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