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Every student is an overwhelmed individual who is usually puzzled with such questions as “Where to buy an essay online ?”, “How to make money quickly ?”, etc. But we know that sometimes the students’ life may be funny and interesting, taking into account the state-of-the-art devices that are aimed at making your life easier!

A pen for a modern student

You have approached the end of the semester, and you do not have all the notes in the order? What to do? Time is short, and you do not have time to write off. The way out of this situation is simple: find the advanced student who has a smart pen – Equil Smartpen 2.


This device will be able to transfer all the handwritten text (if it is in digital form) in any medium, be it a smartphone, tablet or PC. Not only digital devices are suitable for writing with this pen, plain paper will also be appropriate.

Special applications on the Internet that can be found without too much trouble, will help you make records on photos and other images, to correct your records and send them directly to the “cloud.” Runtime for the Equil Smartpen 2 is seven hours, which is enough for most of the classes.

Take care of your posture

All the students are familiar with the problem of posture. This will not only be beautiful, but will also improve your health. Plastic Belt – LUMOBACK 4.0 can take care of your health and posture, it is capable of much. It is not only the device that tracks the position of the spine, this is your assistant that will accentuate your mistakes in time.

If you disagree with its decision – take a look at your smartphone screen, you see, oh, the horror – real-time position of your spine. The useful gadget is worn on the back, thanks to its extraordinary lightness it is virtually unnoticeable to others.

Note that this is not just posture corrector, but also a functional fitness tracker that will show the amount of distance traveled, time spent in a sitting position, the position in which you sleep. All of this is displayed on the smartphone’s screen through a special application.

Getting rid of excess weight

The band is the best way to lose weight! This fitness band is a wearable gadget by Xiaomi. It is not difficult for this device to calculate your traveled distance, or wake you up in the phase of the light sleep period. Do not be afraid for the band, thanks to its aluminum capsule plurality of sensors remain intact since no moisture is unable to get there. The capacious battery is able to make the gadget work during a month.

Do not forget about the possibility of using fitness band as a smart watch. The band connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and is able to inform the user of all the notifications that come to the main gadget. You will find a suitable color for yourself: there are six color options.

Listening to music

If you love the sport and are fond of music, then going to the gym will be pleasant if you enjoy your favorite music, but to buy one of the models of headphones series Audio Technica Sport – you do not have. Headphone series consists of four models, which are protected from moisture, so the rain is not a hindrance to your hobby. Model Sport 2 has the unique ability to adapt to the individual characteristics of the ear shell of the user, thanks to the presence of inserts silicone casing.

Model Sports 1is is the best modification of the headphone series. It is equipped with a microphone and a special remote control to switch songs. The model is compatible with the popular Apple Music service. All models have excellent sound quality and reproduce bass frequencies up to 10 Hz. The gadget has got a variety of colors.

Miniature crib that knows everything

In school, we were taught not to use cribs. But what to do when the answer to the asked question is vitally important? You will not find the better way for cheating than smart watch by iconBIT. Model Callisto 300 has a tiny case, but it does not bother to see the text on the screen of the gadget.

The presence of the slot for SIM-card makes the device more functional since it is possible to connect to the World Wide Web. If you think that the characteristics of the gadget will not allow you play the video from YouTube, you’re wrong. It is worth noting the presence of the Wi-Fi module, which allows you connect to an available network. If you do not use the watch too often the battery will last the whole day.

Entertained by a robot

Every student can afford to purchase a quadrocopter or a modern robot, in order to spend free time with fun. But Romo Smartphone is capable of much. The robot is moved by crawlers and allows you to change the camera tilt (set your smartphone).

Romo Smartphone Robot

It is controlled by another device, the connection to which is set with the help of Wi-Fi. The intelligent robot can recognize the owner’s face, to follow him and to distinguish objects.

If you think that this is all that your assistant is capable of, then this is not the case. After your long absence, he begins to feel sad, but after you tickle him, he will smile to you. Romo Smartphone – it’s not just a fun toy, it is also your loyal assistant.


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