10 Most Demanded Apps for 2019 Everyone Should Know

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Standing tall in 2019 we have been in the world of mobile app revolution over a decade. And saying that, I would add, we have also noticed that there are some applications that have been quite capable of holding their position in the top charts of the best rather the most demanded mobile applications.

Most Demanded Apps for 2019

Most of these applications have built a connection with man’s daily life and have been successful enough in addressing man’s real-life pain points. And that’s why they have been getting downloaded by fresh customers and talking about existing customers, they feel that uninstalling such apps would hamper their daily life.

This is an example of how mobile applications can excel in customer service as well as in customer support. Keeping the same in mind, try to imply their elementary characteristics in your forthcoming inventions rather your contribution to the world of the mobile application.

And, that’s why I have brought you this article where I’ll be introducing such mobile applications that have been able enough to become a part of man’s daily life and have topped in the list of most demanded mobile apps.

WhatsApp Messenger

This application, garnering 1 billion+ downloads till date, has been in demand since the new wave of smartphones have come. And, even today WhatsApp has been quite able to stay strong on the top of this list of being the most used and most popular mobile application.

WhatsApp is such an application that facilitates communication over text messages along with voice and video calls, irrespective of them being local or international.

The chat feature of WhatsApp is also quite interesting. Chatting over WhatsApp users get to access its attention-grabbing emojis, numerous remarkable GIFs, eye-popping stickers, chat message deleting options and a lot of other features.


And, talking about social networking sites, this social network named Facebook, can be considered as the king of social networks. Yes, and that makes a strong impact on why its mobile application is one our list of the most demanded mobile applications.

The Facebook mobile application can be used effortlessly on various platforms like Android, iOS, BlackBerry and several others.

And, talking about usage, Facebook till today has also been successful in garnering over 1 billion downloads by users from all over the globe for various social as well as for business requirements.


Standing on a similar height of downloads along with its rivals WhatsApp and Instagram, Instagram is the 3rd largest social networking platform.

And, as 90% of the people using this social networking site are under the age of 35, it can clearly be understood what’s the reason behind it being among the most downloaded mobile applications. Younger the users, higher the number of smartphone users. Simple.

Also, Instagram is such a mobile application that comes with various beautiful filters, several other features to make it stand out like square-image format. Though, worth mentioning, this highly popular social network is available only as a mobile application and has no website variant.

UC Browser

Now, stepping out form the world of social networking apps for a while, UC Browsers opens the gates for us being the most downloaded mobile browser and one of the most demanded mobile application for 2019.

And, talking about mobile browsers, this mobile application literally rules the market.

This mobile browser application is just available for any mobile phone belonging from any platform. And, for those users who can’t afford a smartphone with much storage space, UC browser facilitates their way with its mini version which we know as UC Browser Mini.

Still wondering about why it is on my list?


Speaking of on-demand services, Uber is the first service that comes to our mind. And that tells us why it is among the most demanded mobile applications of 2019.

Want to go somewhere? Think of nothing else.

Just take out your phone and within 2-3 clicks, your cab will get hired and within a few minutes, it will arrive at your doorstep to pick you up. Providing such hassle-free experience, Uber tops the list of on-demand mobile applications.

Being location-based, Uber thrives in any mobile phone that is GPS enabled.

Facebook Messenger

This mobile application is more of a dedicated messenger that though is associated with Facebook but can also be used as an individual messenger for those who don’t even have an account over Facebook.

Though if a person has is planning of using Facebook, they’ll require downloading this messenger to chat with other people over Facebook.

And, this messenger nowadays also provides the features that we usually get in dedicated social networks such as posting statuses. And there is an additional feature available with this app that is the secret conversation mode, where the conversations get erased automatically after 10 minutes of their appearance.

No wonder why it is among the most demanded apps of 2019.


Appearing on the 7th of my list, Snapchat is the mobile application of the youngest social network accessing generation. And, to be precise, the age range of its users is from 12 to 24.

And, that’s why its owners preferred to stay only with the mobile application. This refers to the fact that Snapchat has no website variant, reminding us of Instagram, that appeared on no. 3 of my list of the most demanded mobile applications.

And, you might be wondering why Snapchat is so famous, don’t you?

Then, let me tell you, Snapchat is one of the first of its kind social networking mobile application that has been looking forward to Augmented Reality.

Other features like sending text messages along with posting photos and videos are also its features that you’ll find on any other social networking mobile application.


Being the 2nd largest search engine after Google, YouTube is here on our list with its mobile application. And, this application is such a technical elite that it works absolutely fine on any mobile device as well as on any desktop.

Using this mobile application, users get to access the features like offline download, uploading and sharing content along with viewing the same. And this mobile application is so famous that almost 300 hours of videos get uploaded here every passing minute making it the biggest host of videos globally.

YouTube also comes with a paid version that allows users to access videos or listen to songs behind the screen.


This application from Google which we know as Gmail was primarily developed for websites but later Google released a mobile application for it.

This dedicated mailing application is so famous that while talking about mailing applications, people talk maximum about this app as this is the only app people know about. So, no wonder why it is up here in our list.

And, moreover, it is available on several platforms such as Android, iOS, BlackBerry etc. and that’s another reason for it being the most used and most demanded mobile application in 2019.

Netflix App

Having garnered almost over 500 million downloads, here comes Netflix, the newest inclusion to the top 10 list of most demanded apps. This dedicated video streaming mobile application lets its users watch videos, various TV series beyond language, and several other contents through their devices on-the-go.

This super convenient mobile application lets users access videos anytime anywhere. Though, this app is mostly used in the English-speaking nations.

Concluding Note

So, here I put an end to the list of the most demanded 10 applications across the globe. With the upsurge of smartphones, this craze is nowhere going to end.

And, that’s why developers are looking forward to making the lives of their users more convenient which eventually places them accordingly in the list of most demanded or top 10 apps.

So, if you wish to bring up your app in this list then my recommendation would be that you should address the actual pain point of your targeted users and solve it with your user happy mobile application.


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