Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Officially Launched with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

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Samsung has unveiled Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 – the 3rd smartphone in its Galaxy Ace series, in single as well as dual SIM variants. Samsung has made every attempt to keep up to its position in the market. There was a time when Samsung was nothing in the mobile phone industry; Nokia was ruling the charts, but then thing got smarter when smart phone hit the markets, Samsung decided to make a new venture as they explored the world of smart phones and there was not stopping as the South Korean company just raised above the ladder, toppling down on company after the other as emerged as the leader in smart phone manufacturing business.


Samsung is playing a game of its own, it is targeting all the markets equally, while on one end the company is on spree to develop the best of high end smart phone, it has not let out the other media, the company is been successfully manufacturing low end phones or mid-range smartphones as well. Overall Samsung is running a successful business and the company is not going to let its throne anytime soon.

Samsung is now the best when it comes to smart phone and tablet manufacturing business and there are no companies that can overpower this heavy business now, for besides garnering the likes of the customers, the company has managed earn the trust of the company and that makes Samsung better than the rest in lot.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Launched

Samsung has now come up with the next model and officially announced on June 10, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. This smart phone is for the ones who are looking for buying that falls within the moderate range. The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 has been released in two models one being the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 3G and the other being the Samsung Galaxy 4G LTE.



The Samsung Galaxy Ace 4G LTE seems to be more anticipated as people are interested to know more about the LTE series, 4G is the news that is taking people on their heel and why not, after all the benefits they have availed from 3G, there is always a new adventure in trying out the benefits of 4G. After the name that the smart phone carries is Samsung, the trust that the people have invested on the company is a known factor and moreover brand that Samsung has created in the past year is just something really great.

The kind of the smart phones the company has launched has grabbed the eyeballs of the people as well that of the other rival companies. The Galaxy Series was a game changer for the company for the results that were garnered and the income thus incurred just raised the shares of the company to outstanding levels and Samsung has reached the pinnacle of success today. The company has just put up amazing performance and the result is what you see before your eyes today.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace comes packed with some really good features that are not very impressive like the ones seen in high end models like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Grand. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is targeted at the mid-range basic model range and if the sources are to be believed.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 will hit the market in the month of July or August this year while the company would continue to work on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the most awaited phablet of the year.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 4G LTE is mounted on a dual core 1.2 GHz processor, powered by Android version 4.1.1 Jellybean from Google. The processor is really powerful for the operating system it supports and the performance that the smart phone thus puts up is indeed great and moreover the company is doing a great job as there have not been any issues with regard to the power or the smooth performance of the smart phones.


The battery backup was the only problem observed in the case of most Android smart phones, Samsung also had similar complaints but then company has pooled in all its resources to enhance the features of the smart phone.

The battery that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 4G LTE model sports is 1800mAh, though the figures are not cleared the battery should support a decent 8 to 10 hours of battery backup. That is still less compared to the Samsung Galaxy S series that offer battery backup of up to 24 hours, but then for a low end model, this feature seems quite legible and sound.


The reports claim that the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 will sport a 4 inch TFT WVGA resolution with a pixel per inch density of 233.The pixel density gives a clear idea that the smart phone is not really great when it comes to the clarity; in fact it might be just average without benefits like viewing under sun light. The display is not note-worthy either for a 4 inch display is now seen in every other smart phone in the block.



The camera specifications speak of the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 sporting a 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash and supports Video recording at the rate of 30 frames per second at 720 pixels. There is front facing VGA camera as well. For a day to day usage the Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is well maintained phone.

If you are expecting high end features like HD video recording then the smart phone would not live up to your expectations as the smart phone is built for the common masses.


The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 4G LTE comes with an internal memory of 8GB with a RAM of 1GB backing the system. The only issue that may rise with the Samsung Galaxy Ace is that it does not support any kind of the external or expandable memory.

Provided that the masses today store everything in their smart phones from emails to documents to important callers, the memory that the smart phone supports in a major fall back.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Price In India

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 is tagged between the price of 13000/- INR to 13500/- INR.


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