Top 10 iPhone Apps for Christmas 2012

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Christmas is just round the corner; the festival of happiness and gifts. This festival brings happiness to everyone and is celebrated by everyone. Truly this Christmas is going to be very special because we would have survived the miscalculated doomsday as per the Mayan calendar.

iPhone Apps for Christmas

So have you prepared for Christmas 2012? If you own an iPhone, you can install several iPhone apps for Christmas to make your Christmas special. You can transform your iPhone to a Christmas gadget. With these Christmas apps you can play Christmas carols, become the Santa Claus and do many more things.

Listed below are the top 10 iPhone apps for Christmas 2012, which can be easily found on App store or iTunes for free or paid. These applications can help you make your Christmas a very memorable one.

1. Best Christmas Stories

How can Christmas be complete without stories? This application provides you enough number of stories all about Christmas. Its sophisticated text search option allows you to even search for phrases. Though, this application is quite old it is frequently updated. However, you can call this application as a treasure for stories. This app is available for free.

2. Christmas 5

This application is a perfect visual treat for everyone in Christmas mood. This application provides many pictures, wallpapers, and slide-shows in high definition. With a wonderful application like this you can turn your iPhone in to a Christmas gadget. You have to pay $1.99 for using this app.

3. Thoughtful Gift Finder

This application is meant not only for Christmas. This application gives you various ideas if you are confused of what type of gift you have to get for your loved ones. This application is very useful specially when you are running out of time and have no time to decide about the gift. Thoughtful app is available for free.

4. Waitrose Christmas

This app offers free recipes for Christmas, ideas regarding gifts, tools for cooking, ideas for cooking seasonal food and planners which help you organize and plan your Christmas in an effective way. It is an application recentlyreleased by Waitrose, a famous supermarket in Britain.

5. Christmas Tale

It is an interactive story session for kids. It is compatible for both iPad and iPhone versions. It looks much better on iPad screen. You can help Santa to get Christmas presents with the help of gems that is hidden in each page of the story.

6. Toca Hair Salon

There are various Christmas apps, which guide you in decorating a Christmas tree or dressing up Santa Claus. Toca Hair Salon, developed by Toca Boca, adds a twist to the usual age old decoration. It’s a treat for the kids. This application lets youdress Santa the way you like it. If you want you candye or cut Santa’s beard. This app would be very helpful in spreading the joy of Christmas among your kids.

7. Christmas Tree Maker

Christmas tree decoration is one of the major events performed by kids in any family. Kids can use this app to decorate Christmas tree using appropriate lights and other decorations. Once they finish decorating, they can share it with their friends through e-mail.

8. Christmas Sticker Book

This app is meant for kids where you can make your own stickers book, which can hold more than 40 stickers that you can use. Christmas Sticker Book offers several other options, such as crayons for coloring the images, social media sharing and adding text. It has an easy-to-use interface. You can use it for free up to limited time period.

9. Fuzzle Christmas

Candy cane is offering a version of Fuzzle Christmas game for free. The free version does not provide all the levels, to get all the levels you have to pay. It is an ornament based game. In this game you have to arrange 5 ornaments next to each other to make them vanish. Meanwhile you have to make sure that the board is not over filled.

10. Merry Christmas Around the World

Do you want to know how “Merry Christmas” sound around the world in different countries. If yes, then you can get this application. With the help of this application you can learn to say “Merry Christmas” in hundred different ways. This application can be linked to YouTube which makes it even interesting. It is available for free.


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