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Chinese gaming company, ‘Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co. Ltd’ launched All-in-one Android Phone PC Manager named MOBOGENIE on 1st July in Mumbai, India.


Mobogenie, is one of the best android smartphone PC Manager I have ever seen and which allows you to manage the every aspect of your phone right from your PC desktop.

Mr. Chen Dewen, President BGA Digital Technology says ;

“The software will empower Mobile Users in an effective manner, so that they can take maximum benefit of their phone and unleash the hidden utilities of their mobile and over the boundaries often raised by limitation of touch screen and slow internet connectivity”

This is the All-in-one Android Phone PC Manager which will help you to sync your android phone, backup and restore your phone and also you can manage your messages, contacts and can do lot more with this tool.

Once you started using Mobogenie, you can download apps, games, wallpapers, videos and ringtones using your PC’s broadband internet connection so no need to spend additional money on 3G or 2G bills.

Features of Mobogenie Android Phone PC Manager

  • File Manager
  • Backup/Restore
  • Install, Delete, Update & Find Apps
  • Cost saving on Mobile internet biils
  • Allow you to manage your phone from desktop

How to Use Mobogenie

Download Mobogenie PC manager on your desktop, install it and start using it. Launch the application and connect your Android phone to your computer via USB cable. Make sure USB debugging option is ON before connecting your phone to this PC manager. Mobogenie will detect your android smartphone and will then install your mobile phone device drivers so that it can communicate your phone.

Once the pairing is complete, you can see the complete information about your device. This includes everything from Device name, City, Battery level to storage space and SD Card statistics. I connected my device and here’s how Mobogenie looks like –


As you can see in the above image that PC manager have too many tabs including My phone, showcase, apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers & YouTube.

All tabs works like an application Manager. This tool shows you apps installed on your android phone and you can also update  those apps from right there, uninstall applications from your mobile phone and so on. You can also download apps directly from Mobogenie as I said earlier to save your mobile internet bills.


If you want to then you can sync your Phone Music files, Images, and Video files with Mobogenie. As we all know that no one really likes to edit thousands of contacts on the smartphone so I will suggest you to install Mobogenie to do the task.  You can manage all your contacts here, update them.

Let me explain few more important features of Mobogenie PC Manager. They have provided a File Manager to manage all your phone files so it makes Mobogenie the best Android management tool.  This file manager allows you to download any file and folder to your PC, upload them to your mobile device, create new folders, search for files and delete them as well.


Back up and restore is another great feature they have provided. You can access these features from the Phone tab, and is really easy to operate. You can create a backup of your Contacts, Images, Messages, , Apps and their Data. You have option to choose the backup files.

So guys, download Mobogenie- All-in-one Android Phone PC Manager. It is really a fantastic way to get quick and easy access to your Android smartphone data straight from your desktop.

Download Mobogenie


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