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Here is the list of best 10 apps which will help for learning to cook. Want to become a better cook but don’t know where to start? Today’s high-tech world offers a variety of apps that take users beyond old standard cookbooks and techniques often learned in cooking schools and into the digital age of food. From collections of mouth-watering recipes to tools for measurement conversion and ingredient substitution, the aspiring chef need not feel lost in the kitchen.

1) How to Cook Everything

Anyone who needs quick access to cooking techniques, kitchen tips, meal planning and recipes will appreciate How to Cook Everything. Based on the bestselling book by Mark Bittman, the app includes 2,000 recipes and over 400 illustrations to aid in the preparation of a variety of foods. Recipes are organized into categories for easy access when browsing or searching. Some recipe steps even include timers to ensure proper cooking.

Similarly, the ability to organize comprehensive grocery lists and share favorite recipes via popular social networks make this a useful app for people who love food and cooking. Price: $4.99

2) Epicurious

With over 30,000 recipes from Epicurious.com, this app is an extensive resource for new chefs and foodies alike. Epicurous hosts a delicious selection of recipes from cookbooks, professional chefs and well-known cooking magazines. Browse by category, search with a variety of useful filters and use the shopping list to make sure no ingredients are forgotten.

Those who already use the Epicurious Web site can sync the app’s favorites list with the online recipe box, so much-loved recipes can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Price: Free

3) Chef

Many apps offer a variety of recipes, but Chef goes a step further by allowing users to create their own mobile cookbook. Aspiring chefs can add to the Chef collection of over 13,000 recipes by submitting their creations on ChefsLittleHelper.com.

These automatically sync to a user’s mobile device and can be stored along with existing recipes to form a personal collection. A grocery list feature and four separate kitchen timers also help to ensure that dinner turns out just right. Price: $2.99

4) VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder

Whether you’re a new vegan, a seasoned pro, or just panicking over what to feed your kale-loving cousin, the VegWeb Vegan Recipe Finder can be a life saver. Every one of the over 13,000 user-submitted recipes is 100 percent free of animal products, making it a snap to find meat-free, dairy-free dishes for any occasion.

Developed by VegWeb.com, this app gives aspiring vegan chefs step-by-step instructions and mouth-watering pictures in a variety of categories. Recipes can be sorted by user rating, number of views or alphabetically in a personal recipe box for later use. Price: $2.99

5) Healthy Recipes by SparkRecipes

Cooking from scratch is one of the best ways to ensure healthy meals. However the definition of “healthy” can be baffling, especially to new chefs. Healthy Recipes demystifies the process with over 190,000 recipes that include calorie counts and nutrition information for 11 key nutrients.

The resident chef for SparkRecipes.com also provides videos with tips and techniques for the most popular recipes, making it even easier to cook tasty, nutritious meals right at home. Price: Free

6) Kitchen Calculator PRO

No more struggling with doubling recipes to feed a crowd or cutting large servings down to feed a few! Kitchen Calculator PRO provides new and seasoned cooks a quick way to convert even the toughest measurements. Enter data in fractions just as it appears in a recipe and get results the same way instead of being bewildered by decimals.

The weight to volume conversion feature also helps users avoid mistakes with ingredient substitutions. This app is a must-have for anyone who has a hard time with kitchen math. Price: $0.99

7) SmartChef Substitutions

One of the biggest potential disasters when cooking is running out of essential ingredients. SmartChef Substitutions helps cooks of any skill level avoid meal mishaps by offering 300 substitutions in nine categories. Use the handy scroll wheel to find the missing ingredient and view potential substitutes instantly! This app also makes it easy to swap out potential allergens like dairy and nuts without ruining a recipe. Price: $1.99

8. Cookmate

For quick and easy dinner ideas, it’s Cookmate to the rescue. Use this app to get delicious dinner suggestions based on whatever ingredients are in the refrigerator. Simply check off the items that are on hand and Cookmate delivers recipes with instructions on how to turn those few wilted veggies into an amazing meal. Price: Free

9) Mis En Place

Coordinating multiple dishes to produce a timely dinner can be a struggle, especially in today’s busy world. The  Mis En Place (“Put in Place”) app takes the guesswork out of timing any meal. Whether a marinade needs to be put together a day ahead of time or rice needs to be started before anything else gets prepared, Mis En Place helps organize all aspects of your meals.

A daily timeline helps juggle everything from shopping, to prep, to final cooking times to make sure that each dish comes out right, right on time. Price: $2.99

10) Ratio

Based on the best-selling cookbook by Michael Ruhlman, the Ratio app gives cooks ultimate control in the kitchen. Rather than providing individual recipes, Ratio teaches the relationships between ingredients that make up common recipes like batter and dough, sauces, desserts and meat preparation.

Creative cooks can vary existing recipes or build new ones to save for future reference. Clearly this app is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of how recipes work. Price: $4.99

These apps help to hone culinary prowess for all skill levels. Each offers mobile users the opportunity to discover new recipes and learn new kitchen tricks while becoming better cooks in the process. This arsenal of fun food apps takes the guesswork out of cooking, making it fun and easy to create delicious meals every single day.

You know more Apps for Learning to Cook, share with us via comments below.


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