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It has happened sometimes that simply you have a tune stuck in your head that can not fail to hear, and then you desperately seeking and searching to find that songs in your own library. Tiny Tunes is an Android app designed to remedy this, by allowing us to download any MP3 song you want, for free, direct to your android phone.

Simply download the TinyTunes android app, use the search panel and start downloading that song. Tiny Tunes is responsible for searching on multiple servers to find the song and as personal experience, I never had any problems finding any song, including new albums.

Besides working with search, we can see the “new releases” from iTunes, iTunes top songs, iTunes top Albums, the most popular songs of Billboard, and there are many more categories Classical, comedy, country, dance, electronic and so on. Just browse through all the categories and download your favorite songs within a minutes.


TinyTunes android app features

  • Search multiple web sources simultaneously for MP3 songs
  • Configure which search engines are used to find MP3 songs
  • Search top songs/albums/artists in multiple genres
  • Stream songs directly without downloading to your device
  • Download all available songs and build playlists
  • Easily manage your Android music library

The app even integrates with Shazam and SoundHound, so just find a song with any of the other apps, you can download it immediately! We can play downloaded songs within the app as TinyTunes can play songs.

Best of all TinyTunes android app is available on Google Play Store for FREE, so you can download and update directly from the play store.

Download TinyTunes Android app


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