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Here is the list of best 5 comic book readers. Digital comics are gaining lots of popularity and fame nowadays especially among the mobile users because of the extensive use of tablets, mobiles, android devices, and many more.

Comic Book Readers

Many traditional organizations are offering infinite features and technological advancements to lure their customers at their maximum. Let us discuss five best comic book readers in detail.

5 Best Comic Book Readers

1. Comics by comiXology

ComiXology has no comparison in all over the world. This is because it is one of the largest and widely used comics by users. Few of them include Marvel, DC, GI Joe, Archie and many other publications are being provided by this awesome comic’s application of Android.

One more thing need to be noted that not only this comiXology is having these publications but a few other companies also build similar applications for such comics. Therefore, before downloading Marvel application for your personal Android device, you must know that it is entirely mapped on comiXology for sure.

You will not only be having mainstream comics but will also be facilitated by self-publishing platform through comiXology submissions. Lots of authors and comic artists find it beneficial for them in terms of easy submissions. You can find all of the comics side-by-side and hot and fresh news can be also be sorted out easily by using them.

As far as database of this application is concerned, you will be amazed to know that it is comprised of more than 6000 digital comics and more than 700 free comics. It also offers users a guided view technology for having isolated frames as a single entity with proper zoom and pinch.

2. Marvel Comics

One of the top most publishers available around the globe is Marvel Comics, which is offering thousands of back issues and comics. This company has showed amazing performance for last few years and has released many digital editions.

Marvel is said to be the pioneer in the field of comics because they have embedded the latest technologies i.e. Augmented Reality, Project Gamma, and Infinite Comics. It is a Disney owned organization and provides the most innovative and impressive ways to read comics.

As far as Project Gamma is concerned, a detailed work has been done on it. The users are being facilitate with lots of Audio advancements. These are all in the form of soundtracks or many other audio cues for better outputs.

Major aim of Marvel is to stimulate sales and take out necessary social aspects on maximum level. Writers, authors, editors, and publishers are working hard on this and this soon will be creating huge difference in the similar markets.

3. A Comic Viewer

Few people call it Droid Comic Viewer. This is because it is purely an Android application being provided to facilitate the users. It has the best comic selection in its database and normal Android users love this application. Application is quite beneficial and amazing and is available to users in ZIP formats. Other formats are ACV, CBZ, CBR, RAR, JPG, JPEG, BMP, cbr file reader and lot others. DROID application of comic viewer consists of lots of options for properly tailoring the users’ experiences.

It supports many options and features including multi-touch options. Moreover, users can use gestures with their devices and can move from page to page in the device. The most amazing feature of this comic is auto-bookmarking feature, which never compel you to browse in depth, you just need to recover bookmarked page and then you are done.

More than 300,000 users are using this application and people call it as the reader of choice because it allows you to choose what you want.

4. Perfect Viewer Comics

Another smartest and superb application of Android, which users love the most, is Perfect Viewer Comics. It consists of a single interface for effective browsing. Moreover, you can also make best use of your SD card or any internal device for carrying out your data. You can start comic book reader download with this app.

You can have your own personal bookshelves too to create the personal bookmarks of your own choice. It is also available in almost all formats being mentioned in comic viewer.

5. Dark Horse Comics

Dark horse is known to be the most famous comics ever being used by Android users. It owns the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series, which was actually the TV show.

Dark horse also involves some star wars content in it. It was started in 2011 and it released its digital version on the printed variants’ day. It uses all concepts of Star wars, Hellboy, Sin City, and many others. You can start comic book downloads and reading with this app.

Which free comic book reader do you use? If you know more Best Comic Book Readers then share with us via comments below.


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