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With Box for Android you can get 50GB of free space by just installing an app on your device. A few months ago, the online storage service Box ( offered 50GB  free storage to all owners  of the iPhone who installed the application on their device. It is now up to the owners of Android smartphones and tablets to take advantage of this offer.

For additional disk space, just install the application on your Android device. The addition of storage space will be automatically credited to your account a few hours later. But beware, there is a significant limitation. You can not upload filesmore than 100 Mb. This offer ends on March 23.

Box for Android and Android Tablet lets you view and share files from anywhere!Box provides simple, secure sharing from anywhere letting you easily store files online, send big files quickly, access content from your Android phone or tablet, and collaborate with others.

Box for Android Features :

  • Access, create and view content on your Android phone or tablet
  • Upload multiple images, videos and files from the SD card
  • Save files to your SD card for offline access
  • Easily share files and folders with links

The online storage market is increasingly competitive. Microsoft SkyDrive that offers 25GB of free space will soon increase the weight limit for uploaded files of 100Mb to 300Mb. In Google Docs, you can upload files 10GB.

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