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A time has arrived where speed in every sphere of life has become the need of the hour. We prefer internet connections with high surfing and download speeds, upgraded computers to make them work faster and a lot other aspects to reduce time.

Standing on such a platform an individual will be highly irritated if he finds that his PC takes along while to start up. However, this problem is very common and not restricted to only a few people round the globe. We here try to come up with a solution which is very simple and yet produce fruitful results.

Reason for Occurrence and Logic behind Improvement

Have any of you ever thought or tried to find out the reason underlining this problem? Well, during start up or booting of a computer many software programs and services are loaded onto the primary memory of your computer.

The greater the number of applications and software programs to be loaded greater is the start up time for your PC. Having known the reason, the simple logic which can solve this problem is to reduce the number of applications to be loaded.

But for doing this you have to know the specific applications which are being loaded and their individual priority. For your aid in this field we recommend you to use a free utility named Soluto.

How to do it ?

The first and foremost job that needs to be done is to download this free utility from the link given alongside: click here.

After downloading the application install it to your machine. If the installation has been completed successfully it should ask for a restart to take effect. Do the needful and them follow the steps below.

When you run the application you should see it shows you the total time taken for your computer to boot and it also tells you the number of applications that were loaded during start up. Moreover it also groups the applications into three categories as given below :

  • No-brainer : These are the ones which has no function during start up but makes the start up take longer. Hence you should remove all these applications without even thinking twice.
  • Potentially removable : These applications may or may not be directly related to the booting of the computer. You can remove these applications as well provided you are well aware of the functions of them.
  • Required : These are the ones which are totally needed and should not be removed at any cost.

Having seen the number of applications under each category you should want to take the desired action for each of them. For this just navigate to the respective category and it will show you the name of the applications and the delay occurring for it during the start up process.

Next click on the application and you can find two more options namely “Pause” and “Delay”. Click on “Pause” to completely remove the application from start up process and click on “Delay” to run the application automatically but not at start up. Soluto will ensure that the delayed application is run immediately after start up.

Taking into account the actions you have taken it will also show you the number of applications that have undergone the respective actions.

Signing Off :

Having completed the above operations you need to categorize your start up programs list and then restart your computer. You should see a change in your start up time.

On the whole the process is quite simple and easy to use yet producing fruitful results. We hope that this free utility solves your problem to some extent and helps you come out of frustration due to slow booting of your computer.


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