The Easiest Way to Download Photos and videos from Instagram and other social networks

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If you are an Instagram user then you might know that you can not directly download Instagram photos, Instagram reels, and other media content. This is the same case with other social media networks as well. Today, we are going to introduce one android application to you and with the help of this application, you can download and save photos and videos from social networks such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Twitter.


Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter are full of fun, interesting, these social media network has all this original content that you often feel like sharing on your feed, status, or share with friends. But it is not always easy to download photos and videos from there. Today it’s time to see how to do it from your own smartphone through a specific mobile application.

There are thousands of mobile applications which are designed to download Instagram reels, WhatsApp status, Facebook stories, TikTok videos, and all other media content. One great example of this type of application is  Universal Status Saver Pro. There are many of the kind, but this is one is the most useful and easy to use. All in all, you should be quick because sometimes these apps disappear from Google Play and you have no choice but to search for them in alternative stores.

Copy, paste and download

Those responsible for  Universal Status Saver Pro define their mobile application as a tool to download photos and videos from social networks, emphasizing the statuses and stories that we can find on  Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and  TikTok. Something that we cannot do from the official applications and that is difficult to do via a browser unless we know of tools like these.

What this mobile app does is detect the link of the video or photo that we provide and download that content to our device. As simple as choosing the social network in question, copying the link from the official  TikTok, WhatsApp, or  Instagram app, pasting it into Universal Status Saver Pro, and seeing the result. To obtain that link, we must go to the content that interests us and click on the  Share menu of the social network we are on.

Once the photos and videos have been downloaded, we can keep them in the gallery of the app itself, which includes a video player and image preview. It also allows you to download music. And of course, it is also possible to export them to the Android gallery and/or publish them on the same social networks with your accounts.

Another interesting thing is that, in the case of Instagram, we can download photos and videos from private accounts as well. The requirement is to follow that account and log in from the Universal Status Saver Pro app. Regarding WhatsApp,  the statuses appear in the corresponding category without the need to paste links. The app will detect the content of your messaging app. It works with both  WhatsApp and  WhatsApp Business.

Universal Status Saver Pro is used to download photos and videos from social networks. Content from other people you follow. Either to keep them on your device or to share them on your own. In the second case, it should be noted that third-party content may be protected by proprietary rights.

When posting such content from your account, be sure to cite the original author’s account. Most social networks allow you to tag people and/or quote them in the description of the video or image. This is the case with Instagram, Facebook, or  TikTok.

On  Instagram, moreover, since not long ago it has been possible to post photos and videos created by two or more people. It is known as  Instagram Collabs and it is used to upload shared publications to this social network. Instead of showing a single author, the name of all the authors will appear. For this, we will have to invite those users from our account. An option similar to tagging.


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