Understanding Non Geographical Numbers

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Non Geographic number is a virtual number, which is country specific but not region specific. When someone dials the non-geographic number you as a subscriber can get the call on you mobile or fixed line. Having a non-geographic number provides the freedom to move all over country without having to worry about the roaming charges.

0800 number

The charges of calling a non-geographic number can be shared fully by caller, shared between caller and receiver or can only be shared fully by receiver

How do they work

You can get a 0800 series number which is a freephone, 0845 series number, which is a virtual number with local rate, 0330 or 0300 true local rate number or you can opt for 0844/0871 fixed rate virtual number, all these numbers work in the same way.

You get a virtual number and it gets mapped to your landline or your mobile number. So when a caller calls to your virtual number, the call gets diverted to your physical phone and you get the ring.

This mapping takes just minutes to set up and once completed, any call on your virtual number gets redirected to your phone.

What are the benefits

1. The most important aspect of having a virtual phone number is the freedom to roam in any region of your country without ever getting worried about the roaming charges.

2. With little extra charge you can get benefits like voicemail,call recording, call queuing, and even telephone menu system

3. With non geographic virtual number, you can be assured that you will never have to change your number once you move to a new state. You can just re-map your virtual number to your new local number and keep using your phone to get connected.

4. You must use non geographic number for as your sales contact number. This way you can your customers free incentive to call you toll-free.

These are just the few of the many benefits of owning a non geographical virtual number. You should do your own research and decide of owning a virtual number for yourself and your business.

About Telecom World PLC

Established in 2002, Telecoms World provides inbound and outbound Telephony to businesses of all types and all sizes. Telecoms World is a leading supplier of inbound and telephony specialising in 0800 numbers, 0845 numbers, Inbound Call Solutions, Business Lines Rental, Business Broadband and IP Telephony.

The company is also UK’s leading provider of Non Geographic Numbers, and provides telephony solutions to over 15,000 businesses in the UK and work with some of the UK largest businesses.


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