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TECHi is one of the best website where you can get the latest and trending news on technology from around the Web.

Have you ever wondered how great it would be, if you can access the latest and greatest news on technology from the web in one place, then read on!  When it comes to popular and exclusive feature length tech articles being fed every hour of the day from industry leaders and sources constantly, no other web resource comes close to


Driven by the latest content management system and fed with up-to-date and accurate tech news from prominent sources, it’s your one stop shop to access all the latest news on technology from the web.

Design and Appearance

When it comes to its design and appearance, you would be delighted to see that its layout and styling just looks like an eBook page!  Designed aesthetically with a white background, its uncluttered style lets you navigate all its content without any fuss. With a central vertical column rolling out all the latest tech news, it looks more or less like a live eBook being fed voraciously with the latest tech new from various sources on the web.

One can very well sort any of its content based on its exclusivity or popularity or can view all of them in one go, with the latest news or article being listed on the top. News titles are displayed in bold text with large font size along with links pointing to information from where it was sourced, how long ago and as well allow anyone to post comments by clicking on the link located just below it.

Search for the Content

You can also search for any content you may be looking for through the search field located on the upper right-hand corner of the home page.

When it comes to navigating the site for other information, say for example information related to the site itself look no further than all the items listed on the left hand side of the home page such as Articles, Categories, About, Authors etc., that links them to their respective contents.

Free Subscription

Apart from that, one can subscribe to their totally SPAM free newsletter through the option listed below “GET TECHi BY EMAIL” section located at the lower left hand corner on the home page. You can also choose to follow them on Facebook or Twitter through the links provided for each of them at the bottom right hand section of the home page.

Lastly, if you  like or unlike something or would like to share your views with others with regards to the information posted on the site, you can very well do so through the “Comments” section by clicking on the “COMMENTS”  link located just below the title of the news article.

Once you are there you can leave a comment/message, share it on twitter or Facebook.  If a news feed has lots of comments and you want to see their posts, either based on their quality or age, you can very well do so by selecting either the best, newest or the oldest comment from the drop down menu located just below the left hand side of the “Comments” box.

Start a new discussion

Apart from that you can also start a new discussion by clicking on the orange star icon located on the right hand side of the “Comments” box or can participate with others through the “Community” section, by clicking on its link, located just below the “Comments” section.

And if you want to convey you experience with regards to the usability of the site, you can do so as well through the “Send Feedback” link provided in the drop down menu located on the lower right hand side of the “Comments” form showcased by a small gear icon.

Now, that you have all the information on what and how it offers to its visitors; let’s dive in to discuss the pertinent features of its usage. When it comes to online information access, you may be prompted to think about your privacy. Sure enough you should!

Designed using the latest web security standards in place and hosted in a secure premise, you can be assured of your privacy while using it! To elaborate how well you are protected, the sites privacy policy is your one stop shop that legally binds your privacy with its commitment and pledge.

Although being said that you ought to know what data it can collect and for what purpose. It’s always a good idea to know that any web content you try to access over the internet may employ mechanism to collect data, but varies differently from site to site. With TECHi, it simply employs web stat services to track your location, web browser info, operating system and screen resolution and refrains from collecting any PID’s, such as your name, email etc.

The primary purpose of doing so stems from the need to improve it technically to make it more engaging to the user and not for any marketing purpose; even when you voluntarily provide your personal details while subscribing to its newsletter. The PID information they collect through its newsletter subscription are always held back securely in the system and never shared or displayed publicly.


A relatively simple and easy to use site; it relays the latest news on technology to its visitors from authentic sources, thereby enabling anyone to stay abreast with all the latest and the greatest happenings in the world of technology. For most up-to-date and accurate news on technology look no further than

TECHi is one of the best website where you can get the latest and trending news on technology from around the Web.

Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

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