5 Tips Every Newbie Blogger Must Follow

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One of the most important factor for “Why you should blog” is that it creates self employment and reduces Unemployment Rate in a country. Another best thing about blogging is that it needs no special degree or certificate. The only thing you need is some basic knowledge about HTML, CSS, Search Engine Optimization and ability to write.


There is no other secret that will help you in earning money, these basic requirements are quite enough to help you in starting blogging.

However as you newbie you must follow some tips, in order to become successful in your blogging career.

1. Keep Reading

Don’t stop reading, read as much as you can. Subscribe to your favorite blogs and read there blog posts. Read extra books about the keyword or blog title on which you are blogging. Reading will help you in posting about new things + your writing skill will also get improved. If you really want to be successful then follow this tip and will get long term benefits.

2. Know Good & Bad Things

In every field there are some pros and cons OR good and bad things. Before jumping in a field, make sure that you search about the particular field in order to achieve your desire goals. After your research you will be able to take decision that whether it is good for your or not.

3. Respect Your Readers

If you really want to become a successful blogger, then show respect to your readers. By respect i mean that only think about readers and not just about money.

Money will only come when there will be readers for your blog. You stop respecting your readers, money will stop respecting you. Whatever you write, just think about the quality not about its ranking in search engines. Of course you must also thing about ranking, but believe me if you will think about quality the post will itself become a popular one.

4. Be Unique

In business field when there is a lot of completion for a particular business, the only way to stand out of the crowd is to follow differentiation strategy. By differentiation strategy i mean something new that has never been posted in any other blog. Everyone is bored by reading the same articles in everywhere. If you will provide something new, then you will get reward for it.

5. Don’t Think You Are The Best

It will be your mistake if you think that you are the best. This will stop you from becoming a successful blogger. You must always think that a lot of people are there who are better then you. The logic behind this is that you will keep struggling and thus your popularity will go up.


Vishal Gaikar

Article by Vishal

Meet Vishal Gaikar, the tech wizard hailing from Pune, India, who's on a mission to decode the digital universe one blog post at a time. When he's not tinkering with gadgets or diving deep into the digital realm, you can find him concocting the perfect cup of chai or plotting his next adventure. Follow his tech escapades on Twitter and buckle up for a wild ride through the world of innovation and geekery!

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