7 Common Mistakes in QR Code Generation

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A QR code can help solve many online marketing issues as long as it is relevant to the area of business you are using for. A QR code generator is one that can easily initialize the process of making QR codes for any kind of business, online or physical. While the concept is not that old, it still has a lot to grasp in the minds of users all around the world.

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Last year, hardly 10% of the US citizens scanned codes and made it to the online websites to which they were directed correctly. However, the rest of the 90% either do not know about the concept, or were misguided, as QR code generation should be done correctly.

Many users report so many errors when they scan codes online. Usually people use mobile phones to scan codes and if the codes are not able to direct them to pages online they want to see, the QR code is a disaster. The reported and the most common errors are as under:

  1. Using a website that is only accessible through desktops is the most common error. The websites on the mobile phones should be the mobile websites the QR codes direct to. If huge data rate has to be downloaded through such pages, the mobile phone processors cannot handle such websites. That is why; lighter and affirmative websites for the mobile phone scanners should be used.

  2. While QR codes are publically being sued, lesser and lesser people know about them. The education of users for any new technology is very important if you want them to bring out success in your business. 14 million US citizens scanned QR codes in last June. However, the rest of the population of US did not have a hunch as to what the QR codes are.

  3. The QR codes generated by moist of the generators do not have proper or liable information necessary to guide users. Either it is irrelevant or not at all useful for the users. That is how; many of the people defy the importance of the QR codes. If the information is relevant, easy to understand and scan and is properly placed in a code, the code scanners can easily direct consumers to site pages they are made for.

  4. If the size of the abstract design sued for the QR code is too small, it would not be recognizable, nor readable/scan able. A proper sized QR code has to be placed wherever it is necessary. That is how the scanners can see where the code is and decode the information hidden in it for users. The URL’s placed in the QR code should be swift, short and to the point. Apart from that numbers and email IDs should be correct as well.

  5. The QR codes should always be branded. This is because general information can also misguide people. A specific, to the point code has to be generated so that you can easily be able to crack the information in it.

  6. Using a long URL may manipulate the scanner of the code. The scanners are made artificially intelligent however; they cannot read ambiguous codes that relate to landing pages with huge URL addresses. Choose URLs carefully while making the codes. This helps a lot in generating a lot of traffic from people who can understand the URL’s completely.

  7. If in a target market, there is no access to the internet, there is no need to create QR codes. Do not publicize a technology that is not in the knowledge of people. You can either educate the people first and get the resources available, or use simple technology.

We hope this article will help you to get the best QR codes generations. Share your views via comments below.


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