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Delete your Gmail Account with the following easy steps I have shared with you guys. If you have some unused GMail IDs which you no longer use or for any other reason if you want to delete your Gmail account then you are at the right place. I am posting a simple process which will help you to terminate your account with Google!. It will permanently delete your account data and settings for your Gmail ID, Mail address, and Profile names.


Follow the simple steps to Delete your Gmail Account

Step 1 :Log in to your  Gmail account


Step 2: Make sure you have username and password of the account you want to delete.

Step 3: Click Settings at the top of the main Gmail page.


Step 4: Now Click Accounts in the Settings menu bar and then Click on the  Google Account settings.


Step 5: Now click on the Products at the left side, it will open Products page, Note that, there is a ‘Edit’ link next to Your products, click on that ‘edit’ link.


Step6 : Now If you want to delete only Gmail account and not all services of google then click on the Remove Gmail Permanently else if you want to remove all services then click on the Close Account and Delete all services.

7 copyStep 7 : It will redirect you to the next page, Fill all the necessary details to delete the account. Click on the Remove Gmail.

untitledStep 8: You are Done!

After this steps Open the “Gmail Removal Confirmation” email from “” at the email address you specified as your new.Follow the deletion link in it.Type your Gmail password under Password and Click Verify.

Note : If you don’t want to loose the information which is in Gmail account then make sure you back up all you vital information before completing all these steps and Delete your Gmail Account.

Link : Delete Your Gmail Account


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  • Nice trick and very important for me specially.

    • Hey Alok,

      I am glad that u liked this trick 🙂

  • Rasheed

    Its pretty cool…I did with this and I remove one my old G mail id..Thanks to sharing..God Bless You

  • wisdom

    thanks, there are a lot of stuffs here.

  • Shomail


    Can u tell me how to delete an account in permentaly.

    Waiting for your reply.
    Thanks & Rgds

  • Diptiranjan


    but can we use this i.e delete gmail and not other features associated with google, to change orkut login id? Because we can change orkut’s primary account details but not the login id if its already in gmail. So if we delete the old gmail and not orkut and associate it with a new gmail account, will the login id be also changed?

    Thanks again in advance

  • @ Diptiranjan

    If u delete the Gmail and orkut then you can log in with the gmail id  to orkut but then you can’t use gmail inbox fetures, email service….

  • Keerthi

    After I delete the ID ( using gmail removal confirmation), can anyone try to create an ID with the same user name? Like will gmail show the name as available when someone tries to create it?

    I want the option to never come up such that no one is able to create any id with that name. How can I get it done?

    • @ Keerthi

      If you delete your gmail account then your id will be available for other users,there is no such option that u can protect the user id after deleting the account.. so if u want particular id so its better not to delete the account 🙂

  • raman

    Thnx Vishal u did a gr8 help 2 me…may u discover more nd help people like us….may god bless u nd ur web addictednes….
    take Care………..

  • thanks dude for your valuable comment

  • Hi,I had a gmail account I wanted to remove and it seems I half did it.The account name (lpiphil) no longer exists,according to Gmail,but every time I go to Gmail,it appears and I have to clear it before I can use my new account.
    Can you help me to either get rid of it or make another account the Gmail default (not sure if thats right)I mean the one that comes up when I go to Gmail.

    • can u tell me where exactly the old username appears ??

      at the login windows??

  • tweety

    i have forgotten my password but i know user name . now i want to remove that account permanently is there any solution for this problem plz give me an idea
    plz  tell how can i delete my  another gmail account

  • i have forgotten my password but i know user name . now i want to remove that account permanently is there any solution for this problem plz give me an ideaplz  tell how can i delete my  another gmail account

  • jiten

    hey dude
    how can i delete my account as i dont know its password and answer to security que.
    someone hacked it
    reply fast

  • abhinav

    i lost my gmail password and somebody use my account. i have to delete my account so plz help me….

  • siri

    hello sir,
    i want delete my old gmail account as somebody has setup his own recovery mail id.
    i am not able to delete my account.i know only the id but not it possible to delete the account without knowing thw password,please help me sir i am facing lot of problem with the account.the person who hacked the account is sending all non sense mails to all my friends
    i will be waiting for ur reply,help me sir

  • hrithik

    hi frd i have a small doubt if we delte our accunt is our all sent mail are delted ????

  • vino

    hi i hv deleted my gmail account yesterday.But i found some hv opened that again and changed the that i coudn able to log in again to delete my account.And i hv tried opening it by forget password in that they hv changed the mobile num so that i coudn receive the confirmation oud u help me to recover the password and to delete the account again.

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