How to Get the Most From Your Online Language Tutor Sessions

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How much do you pay for sessions with language tutor? Do you think that you spend this money effectively enough? A lot of young people consider tutorship the most effective way of learning foreign languages but not many of them know how to get the most from each lecture they get.

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It is not that hard because it depends not on your requirements to a teacher but on your attitude to learning.

5 tips to make your lessons more efficient

All tutors want their students to be active learners, prepare all homework in time, and focus all attention on learning a foreign language. The truth is, not every young person wants that too. The student can order services of the best teacher from but even the best teacher can do nothing if a person doesn’t put all efforts to learning a language.

If they don’t want to appear in this kind of situation, they’d better use these 5 tips for making lessons more effective:

1. Choose a calm and light place for education

Since practice session has started, you have only an hour to speak to your teacher. Only if there is nothing which might disturb you – check homework and start speaking. Anything that might distract students will take their time and attention which is not that effective;

2. Finish all urgent tasks before your lesson

If you forget to check your e-mail or call your friend before your lesson, you will waste time making it during the lesson. Make sure that this hour will be fully devoted to tutor and then start;

3. Always be prepared

Your tutor organizes lessons according to a special program which includes both assignments during the lesson and homework assignment. If students don’t prepare homework assignments, they will probably not do that after and they will not study that topic as good as they should;

4. Always stay focused

Don’t be a student who flies off in the skies even though the lecture has just started and the student already has a task. Don’t think about unprepared homework, don’t dream about your successful career in case you acquire these skills. Focus only on a task you should solve right now;

5. Always try to keep engaged

Always look on your reactions to the way how the tutor teaches: If students cannot get completely engaged, the main problem is about either them not focusing enough, either tutors who cannot structure their program in a more comfortable way. Always talk about these issues with tutors because if students don’t inform them, they will waste much time.


Self-supervision – a key to succeed

Even though people may follow these 5 rules, there is an opportunity that they won’t get what they want. Why? Because students should know what they want exactly to achieve it with the help of sessions with their tutor.

You should always keep your goal in mind. After any lesson, you should evaluate how far you are from that goal and how to achieve even more from next lesson. Step by step you will move towards your goal and you will not even notice that you’ve already achieved it.  Know what you want, always stay engaged, and learning with tutors will never be ineffective.


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