How to Download and Install Facebook Paper outside the US

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Facebook Paper, the new iPhone Facebook application that allows you to turn your account into a digital magazine is now available on the App Store U.S.. Even if you do not live in the United States, it is possible to install Paper on your iPhone . To do this, simply create a U.S. iTunes account.

Install-Facebook Paper outside the US

Install Facebook Paper outside the US

1. Open iTunes and Sign out if you are logged in from Store > Sign out.

2. At the bottom of the iTunes window, click on the flag of App Store in your area. A list of icons shown no flags appear, select “United States“.


3. You switch on the U.S. iTunes store.

4. Visit the App Store

5. Search Paper Stories from Facebook and click on “Free”.

6. This is where you start the account creation. Select “Create an Apple ID” and accept the usage policy.

7. Complete the form, do not forget that you need to use a separate email address that used for your main iTunes account. Click “Continue”.


8. On this screen, select the method of payment. Click “None”. So any payment method.

Fill out the form making sure to use a U.S. mailing address. Here is an example, address – City: Beverly Hills State: CA Zip Code: 90210 Phone: any phone number with area code 650 (650-xxx-xxxx).

It will do more than confirm membership meeting at Apple will send you email. If you already have an App Store U.S. account, you can download Facebook Paper here .

That is, your U.S. iTunes account is now active. It will do just Download and Install Facebook Paper outside the US.


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