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Click2Copy is the web service which allows to send very large files of any size to your friends by using only your browser. Internet is the ideal tool for sharing documents with friends and family. There are number of websites available which will help us to share files online but there are only few which allow to send very large files over the internet. Click2Copy is one of them.

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Click2Copy overcomes common problems in modern communication protocols: It connects two computers independent of their geographical locations and their network restrictions. It doesn’t matter whether you or your recipients are behind a firewall or a proxy server: Click2Copy is smart enough to connect your computers, establish a secured channel between them and transfer any amount of data over this channel on the speed of your actual connection.

Click2Copy Features :

  • Send large files of any size to your friends by using only your browser!
  • Files are transferred with your full upload bandwidth!
  • It is completely free!
  • Full privacy: Your files are not stored on any servers!

You have to follow a very simple procedure to send the files online.  Just enter the file you want to send and click the Send button. Then you have to ask the receiver to open the resulting link.  The file will be transferred as soon as the receiver accepts it.

Visit the official website and you will get to know that in the “News” section of Click2Copy, we see that the site had a record with more than 90 GB shared!

Do you know any other alternative to Click2Copy ?

Website : Click2Copy


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