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Every new blogger wants to see his or her blog on the first page of the Google Search engine. Although, it is very difficult to rank on the first page after the changes brought on by the Panda and Penguin algorithm changes, but if you plan SEO carefully than these latest penguin-free strategies can do wonders in your SEO efforts.


You can follow 10 easy steps o implement the best SEO techniques for your new blog and then you can rank high in Google.

1. Understanding SEO Intelligence

Google dominates the search engine world. Although core fundamentals of SEO are well known, the process is complicated and changes on a regular basis.

Successful SEO requires good research. It comes down to the content and keywords. Links to your blog from outside authority are also important. Therefore, you must first understand the basic SEO intelligence.

2. Effective Keywords

The next obvious SEO technique is having effective keywords for your blog. Jot down a list of all possible keywords that belong to your niche or the topic of the blog. Read Keyword basics for beginners.

You must properly position all of your keywords. It is very important to have an individual page for each keyword phrase. While you are optimizing your keywords keep your readers or visitors in mind.

You have to get effective keywords, so never load your blog full of keywords. Google may ban you. Therefore, mixing relevant keywords is the way forward.

3. On-Page Intelligence

After choosing keywords, the next SEO factor is on-page intelligence. On-page intelligence simply means what you can control. The main thing here is, understanding the title tag. You can do this automatically with Easy WP SEO wordpress plugin.

According to my experience, a title tag must be less than 70 characters. Make sure your keywords are scattered properly throughout your articles.

Surround your primary keywords with other related keywords. Use outbound links to some authority sites like Boing Boing, CNN, Drudge or Huffington Post. As well as popular directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory,  even .edu and .gov sites. I also recommend adding an ALT and title tag to images if you have them.

4. Buying Your Domain Name

Buying a domain name is one of the most important decisions you can make for your blog. You have to check for new names that are available. For a domain name, I suggest two words with no numbers or hyphens.

Moreover, it must be a .com extension with no longer than 25 characters. I always try to include primary keywords when choosing a domain name.

5. Architecting Your Site 

Designing your site can make or break your SEO intelligence. Make your home page a focal point. Make it dynamic so that people will become interested. The more interactive it is, the better.

Try to find out what people are doing online. Have a video page on your website to make it more interesting. Always leave your visitors wanting more. You have to appear as an authority on the topic of your blog.

6. Site Mapping Techniques

The next SEO technique to implement is site mapping. Have a sitemap that is easily available for search engines. It is actually a blueprint of your entire blog. The most common location is your root domain.

A sitemap can help you to get indexed faster in search engines. You can use xml-sitemap website to create them. Make sure to include Meta tags. You do not have to submit them manually to various places. Read more about 10 best wordpress plugins for SEO.

7. Off Page Intelligence 

Half of the secret is getting incoming links. More inbound links means more authority, which means more money. Do not try to get too many backlinks too fast, because Google may ban you.

Try to get incoming links naturally over a period of time. There are different ways to get backlinks, like writing guest posts for different websites, etc.

Anchor text is very important, and you should use actual keyword phrases less than 10%. Always, come up with creative words and phrases.

8. Press Release Goldmine

Never underestimate the power of a press release. Major news stations and radio stations search for press releases. The best place is PRWeb. All major search engines look highly for press releases.

They rank very high for what they are. A press release is very powerful because it is one fo the highest quality of backlinks.

9. Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is nothing but re-engineering your competitors. This is your instant shortcut to success online.

You can go to Google and type ALLINANCHOR: followed by the website of your competitor. You will see what your competitors are doing. Use this technique and you will save a lot of money.

10. Beating Google Algorithm 

Last but not the least, thing that you have to implement is keeping up with the changing world. Google keeps changing its search algorithm. So, you have to adjust SEO techniques with changing technology.

SEO is never permanent. Keep experimenting, otherwise your blog will become obsolete. You can share more Penguin Free SEO Techniques with us via comments below.


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