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Blog commenting helps build back links, which are crucial for search engine optimization. It can also serve as a marketing tool and the best advertising for small business. With blog commenting, you can interact with other bloggers, share your opinions and knowledge, develop quality back links, and use SEO to rank your blog or website.


Another benefit of commenting is website promotion, because you create links with other blogs within your niche. Strategic blog commenting can get you closer to your target customers and increase your website ranking.

The Significance of Blog Commenting:

With the exception of guest blogging, or writing articles to benefit other websites, blog commenting is simple. Find blogs that are related to your own field and topics that are related to your keywords. After you provide an important comment, add a link to your website. For instance, if your blog is “Starting a Small Business from Home,” look for similar blogs and share your understanding in the comment box followed by your website URL. Eventually, these back links will improve your SEO ranking.

How to Comment on Blogs:

Most blogs have space for you to leave a comment or reply at the bottom of an article. Due to the overwhelming spam they receive, some blogs have closed comments, but there are plenty of blogs with open comments. Provide your name, email address, and website in addition to your comment.

Certain blogs require you to login using Facebook, Twitter, or another social media network before leaving a comment. Be sure your comments are valuable to the reader and not vague. If they can learn from you, they will be more inclined to click on your website’s URL to read more. When your comment is complete, click the “Approve Comment” button. Comments that do not require administrator approval are immediately accepted and stick.

However, a moderator can remove irrelevant or spam comments. A blog owner might want to view all comments before they are posted to their website so you may need to wait for approval. Remember to leave a link to your website. If a website URL option is not provided, you can use basic anchor tags.


One problem with blog commenting is finding the right blogs in your niche. Another disadvantage is waiting for some comments to be approved by website owners. While it is great to add keywords and your URL to a comment, it may be difficult to find articles in the niche that fits with your keywords. If the comments do not flow with the article, your comment may seem out of place.

The worst possible outcome is having your valuable comment filter into the blog’s spam folder. Popular bloggers may not view their comment spam in order to find worthwhile comments to approve.


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