What Are the Basic Technical SEO Needs of a Website?

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Ever wondered after you search something on a search engine, how you get results matching with your search! A search engine has crawlers. These crawlers find all the data that you see on the internet and feed it to the search engine. The search engine then matches your query with the data using an algorithm and gives you relevant search results.


Now, SEO is an art of driving traffic from a targeted website to your website using a search engine. For digital marketing, SEO is a known branch which helps your website to mark higher ranking in the result section of google’s SERP’s. SEO has three essential types- on-page, off-page and technical SEO. Read further to know about technical SEO.

About technical SEO:

Technical SEO is the type of SEO that focuses on optimizing your website so that crawlers can find your website quickly and give it a higher rank. Technical SEO does not take part in the development of the website’s content to increase traffic. It focuses on the website, if it is structurally sound and well-planned so that navigation through the site becomes more comfortable for users, and this, in turn, builds a better reputation and increases the website’s ranking.

SEO may seem like a tough job. But don’t you worry, follow the given steps to have your website technically optimized.

1. A fixed and confidential site is everything

Security is something every user expects from the place that he or she is visiting. Earlier only e-commerce site had a safe and reliable environment for transactions. Now, almost all websites have employed the SSL(secure sockets layer) because google had announced that this would be important to fix a higher rank.

All the sites that are not secure that is still have “http://” instead of “https://” in their URL are tagged as “not secure.” To avoid this, you will have to make sure that your website is SSL certified, which will make sure that you have a safe, secure and fixed environment.

2. Prioritize mobile-friendliness

As most of the people tend to use mobile phones or tablets instead of PC to do an online search, you must have a mobile-friendly website. You have to make sure that the mobile version of the site is as reactive as the desktop version.

3. Read up on structured data mark-up

Structured data mark-up helps the search engine understand your data better. With the help of Google, you can use the structured data mark up helper to test it and testing tool structured data to set it. You will have to visit schema.org to make sure that you choose the right schema. Selecting the proper schema will help increase your rank and will eventually lead to more traffic on the site.

4. Site speed matters

The speed with which your content on the website loads is a primary factor. If the site is slow, users will lose interest and would not want to revisit the site. Googles’ PageSpeed Insights is used to see how fast your page is. There are a few methods that will help you provide better speed. You can employ a fast hosting and DNS provider use tools to compress the image so that it does not intake much data, etc. 

5. Name your favourite domain

Sites can be accessed in two ways- using www and without using www. Even though to get ignored by most of the users, it can confuse search engines and can lead to rank errors. Therefore, you should know which version you can prefer. You can choose either of them but when you select one, you should stick to it. You can use google webmaster tools to set a useful domain.

6. Conduct a canonical URL check

Copied content can put a wrong impression on the users. It is necessary to use original content to maintain good site hygiene. Therefore, it is recommended that you use a canonical URL for your website. You can publish high versions of the same content to protect a form of duplication.

7. Pay attention to the XML sitemap

An XML sitemap has all the information about your website. For your website, an XML sitemap always gives the crawler a map, and it says how to navigate it. Utilize a sitemap generator for your website and google search console surely deposit the XML sitemap.  

8. Work on 404 pages

If there is a page of your website that does not exist anymore, then many times its address has been changed, and it is the main issue that your work comes to a 404 error. Make sure that your 404 error page has the same structure as that of your site which will make it simple for users to navigate back. Making the same structure will allow the web crawler to navigate easily without a problem.

9. Weed out any budget or issues of indexing:

A crawl budget refers to how many times google visits your site in a specific period. Websites have a robot.txt file to talk to web crawlers. You must make sure that there is unnecessary blocking of crucial resources. Blocking may lead to incomplete crawling of your website. Make sure that you include links, interlink pages of your website, using keywords and anchor texts, which will eventually increase your rank. 

10. AMP for us

AMP marked as Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a version of HTML that allows the website to improve the speed and functionality if used on the phone. AMP makes inactive the scripts, forms, comments, and likes, etc. Google displays AMP pages in search results which increases the user attention and increase the traffic on your webpage.

So, here were the ten steps you need to undertake to have a search engine optimized website. Now, with just little effort, you can increase the traffic on your site and now increase your ranking. 

However, we would recommend connecting with agencies specialising in Technical SEO. Our recommendation in SEO agencies would be INFIDIGIT. Based out of Mumbai, the agency has worked with some of the most reputed brands across many industries such as ecommerce, insurance, to name a few.


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