Black Hat SEO : Why You Should Avoid It?

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It is a dream for every website owner to rank his/her site to the top position on the search engine result pages. And to achieve this dream, they employ every possible strategy. And that is one of the biggest reasons why the ostensible black hat SEO practices have surfaced to deceive the site visitors.

Black Hat SEO

But, with the recent updates of the search engine algorithms, they have shown kind of a negative attitude to black hat SEO methods sometimes even resulting in complete or partial blockage of pages. Therefore, there are great SEO packages offered by many companies which use the fair, ethical techniques to promote your website in various search engines.

Black Hat SEO : Reasons to avoid this techniques

So, what is the Black Hat SEO that the search engines so much despise? It would be sensible to have an idea of the right and wrong or unethical methods of promotion.

The most common one is called keyword stuffing wherein the content is packed with all the long lists of the search phrases you want to rank for. Then, there are hidden texts inserted specifically for the viewing of search engines and not for the visitors. To do so, the same text colors as that of the background are used which is visible only to the search engines.

Page Cloaking is another technique employed by these so called masters wherein two pages are created, one is for the humans and the other one is meant for the search engine crawlers to deceive them. Then, these experts also create Link Farms which again is a large group of sites all linked with each other internally using hyperlinks and other link building methods. But, search engine crawlers can easily identify such hoax links and block them.

Even Doorways are created to deceive the search engines which are nothing but a big number of pages stuffed only with keywords and no useful or relevant information created and optimized only for queries. But with the changed rules, all search engines quickly find out such doorways and immediately remove or block them.

Even Comment Spams created on your site in the Comments of blogs and forums are also easily identified and blocked now. The same is about the Satellite Sites wherein a number of sites with an analogous theme are created with links to the main site. But, this has its own advantages if used ethically; because with unique content a few good thematic hyperlinks, it still works fine with ethical SEO practices.

Thus, Black Hat SEO is luring as far as increased visibility of your website is concerned. But in the long run, it is simply catastrophic for your website as the search engine crawlers can identify and block your site anytime. The engines favor only those sites that are relevant, informative, and rich in genuine content with the changed algorithms which better help them in identifying the sites with mediocre content and unethical SEO techniques.

So, if you employ these Black Hat SEO techniques, you obviously risk your site being demoted in the SERPs especially when they detect the means of doing so or it might even disappear overall.

As far as SEO is concerned, it is worthwhile to remember that ‘good things come only to those who wait’! SEO is an art to rank your website higher on search queries. It is an extensive process wherein you don’t get results overnight and therefore requires a great deal of patience and endeavor also. It also requires a good site architecture and fresh and original content to be updated on a regular basis with effective and relevant links from a large number of dependable websites.

To achieve the desired results, there are many companies offering SEO packages which are genuine and true to the value. You can choose the most suitable for your purpose and needs.


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