Cooliris Creates Rich Interaction Experience for Photos on iPad and iPhone

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Cooliris, world leader in immersive visual experiences and creator of the native Android Gallery application, today announces the launch of an all-new Cooliris app for iPad and iPhone. Leveraging the Cooliris 3D Wall that the company is renowned for, the all-new Cooliris is a transformational mobile experience for discovering and sharing photos from multiple sources, all in one app.

The new Cooliris integrates rich media sources such as the mobile photo library, Facebook, Instagram, and Google Images into one seamless app to create a highly relevant and exciting experience for consumers to discover photos. Furthermore, consumers can selectively share photos in private one-on-one or group conversations, or cross-post collections to their Facebook Timeline.

“We recognized that the media most relevant to you is scattered across the web and your personal devices,” said Austin  Shoemaker, Cooliris CTO. “We decided to combine the Cooliris Wall with our new real-time backend to deliver an efficient,  integrated experience for your personal media.”

“With the new Cooliris, photo discovery now becomes personal with selective sharing,” said Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO. “Consumers around the world can finally have a beautiful and meaningful experience around their photos with the audience of their choice.”


About Cooliris

Cooliris is the leader in creating immersive, media-centric experiences on mobile and web platforms. Following the success of the Android Gallery and LiveShare, the new Cooliris app for iPad and iPhone is the company’s latest product for seamless photo discovery and private media-centric conversations in a stunning visual interface.

Headquartered in Palo Alto, the company is venture backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, DAG Ventures, The Westly Group, T-Venture, and DOCOMO Capital. For more information, visit

Download Cooliris

The new Cooliris is available today for free on iPad and iPhone at the iTunes App Store and at


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