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Amidst several customer complaints and large volume of uproars, iOS 7 still has left its competitors breathless by becoming top downloaded operating system! I know many of you may hardly believe this, but you’ve to! As per reports this is the first time internet experts are witnessing such massive spikes for a file download which had caused internet slow down in contrast to earlier versions of iOS.

What one can infer from this report is that Apple hasn’t lost its charisma yet and it is still the most dominant platform in the mobile market space today!!

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Blue coat, a web security firm which is into tracking the web activities of various service providers, has claimed that it observed massive traffic jam at the time of iOS 7 update downloads, especially during the first day of its release. It further revealed that the next 5 days after iOS 7 release recorded 255% increase in traffic to the

Also it highlighted that traffic alone was a terrific 32% among the complete web traffic. It called out that this is the very first time that the entire web activity crew is witnessing such a phenomenal traffic for a file update. And of course, they’re damn right!

This news throws an element of suspense on iPhone users as the crazy rumors about the iOS 7 update was clearly making rounds all over the world. While most of the posts and videos throwing light on the flip sides of the iOS 7 update, which even made popular artist like Cyrus with more than 12 million followers to hate the new version, it still has made it a massive hit with its thunderous downloads over the internet.

Not only that, there were footages on the internet with many iPhone users in long queue booking their complaints over the latest update. The issue was with the “Reduce Motion” setting of the latest version. In fact, users were asked to post their complaints via social media sites as well. Though there isn’t any clear solution from Apple over this motion sickness on devices, still the software update has managed to skyrocket downloads in no time!

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Also, not to forget, it is reported that more than 200 million devices have already installed this new version, no sooner it hit the market. The number includes the iPhone 5c and 5S as well.

The reports also reveal that the slowdown in traffic may be due to variations in the file downloads on different versions of iOS devices. While the update file is found to be a few mega bytes in some devices and more than 1.2 GB in other iOS devices as well.

No proper planning before the download update of this version could also be a reason to drastic increase in the internet traffic this time. As Blue Coat had no idea on the hype iOS 7 created before its release, they didn’t even plan for the better caching as it could have brought down the download traffic to some extent.

Whatever it is Apple has reached a yet another milestone with a massive volume of downloads for an operating system and it shows this app platform has got the class and quality to deliver something great constantly. 


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