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Car or motors search apps can not only be extremely beneficial to customers but it would seem that they can also be of good use to car dealerships. The key to sales is customer relations, and with the increase of social networking as a marketing tool, communication with customers has never been more effective or more efficient.

According to research, visits to car dealerships result in the sales of vehicles and servicing work, with the more common coming from the latter. It is only a small percentage of people who leave a car dealership having bought a vehicle as most prefer to see what is on offer, shop around and then possibly, but not always, return to purchase a motor at a later date.

It is difficult for car dealerships to spread the word of offers, discounts etc unless a person sees an advertisement when passing by or specifically visiting the website. By advertising through, dealerships are not only given the benefit of the expansive visitors to the website and subsequently partner’s websites, but they are also able to take advantage of the app available for download.

On the app the customer is given the contact details of the dealership, when used this increases the traffic coming through the dealership, exposing the rest of the vehicles that the dealership has to offer. The amount of people leaving the dealership having bought a vehicle could also increase as the app allows the public to view what is on offer prior to visiting, chances are they will already have a vehicle in mind that they have come to view.

As exposure and initial sales increase, soon to follow are the recommendations and the loyal customers, assuming that they were pleased with the service provided by that dealership.

Therefore, uses of the Motors app is not restricted to the customer, with its convenience and easy access, but also to the dealership, ensuring that all possible advertising platforms are covered and that the traffic directed to the dealership is increased.


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