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After several months of waiting, iOS6, the new version of the operating system of iPhone and iPad is finally available for download. You can do the update from iTunes or directly from your mobile device. This latest version, iOS 6 has been ready after several beta versions have been testing for some of their innovations and wonders as it was first announced in June during the WWDC 2012.


Before migrating your device to iOS 6, I suggest you download iTunes 10.7. You can find this application here. In addition, be sure to make a backup of your data before proceeding to iOS 6. If you are thinking about updating from your iPhone or iPad via OTA, make sure your device is plugged into a power source.

To perform the upgrade from your device, select the application Settings – General – Software Update . You obviously need to be connected to a Wi-Fi network for those who want to upgrade from iTunes, connect your device to iTunes and press Search updates.

As Appple said, a total of 200 new features that bring a new version of mobile operating system iOS 6.0, including some of the most controversial as the exclusion of native applications for Google Maps (to be replaced by new Apple 3D maps ) and YouTube. However, some of the main features will be exclusive to selected devices, as shown in the following table :

iOS6 features

What’s New in iOS 6

  • Facebook Integration : iOS 6 integrates Facebook in the same way Twitter was in iOS 5.0.
  • Apple Maps : Alongside dropping Google’s YouTube, iOS 6 also sees Google Maps leave Apple’s newer mobile devices.
  • Siri gets smarter : Siri, the voice assistant that launched last year on the iPhone 4S, is now available on the new iPad and will arrive on the iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch when they launch.
  • Passbook takes on NFC
  • iTunes and App Store Revamp : Apple has opted to give a full refresh to the App Store and iTunes.
  • And so on including all 200 new features.

iOS 6 is not revolutionary, this new version is more the corporate market than the consumer who is already acquired. In my opinion, the big negative iOS 6 is the new Maps application. Although it has aided turn-by-turn navigation, it is not yet completed an application as Google Maps.

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