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The world online is fast, efficient, and ever-changing. Social platforms are now the one-stop solution to connect with friends, get news updates or learn about new products from your favorite brand. It is no surprise that social media platforms keep changing their algorithm and introducing new features.


In the past year, Instagram added new features called IGTV and Instagram Reels. The reel is a feature similar to the format of their competitor- TikTok. Reels are short-format video content lasting merely 15 seconds. These features have created great waves in the marketing world and forced marketers to create video content for Instagram marketing.

Marketers need to understand that the platform they are using is in itself a product and hence new features like IGTV and reels are being promoted through the Instagram algorithm. Creating video content for Instagram might help them achieve their marketing goals faster. This means that Instagram promotes reels on their explore page based on its number of views. This is in stark contrast with how Instagram is treating posts and stories in the recent past.  Stories and posts are pushed based on their engagement.

It is in fact easier for marketers to leverage reels to promote their brand. While video content ideas for Instagram might be difficult to generate, it is equally rewarding as well. Here are some ways in which you can use video content for Instagram to promote businesses-

Behind the Scenes Content

Right from event organizers, photographers to bakers- everyone can use video content for Instagram to connect with their audience. Giving the audience a glimpse of your process can add a personal touch to your content, giving your audience a way to share your journey before they see the result. This is also a great way to connect with their audience and give them a taste of your business and what it can do for them. This type of content can be used by multiple service sector industries.

Do It Up is an event decor business based in Mumbai. It is one of the many businesses that is leveraging reels and IGTV video marketing to give their audience a peek into the efforts they put into their business.

One can also take Instagram Video Marketing tips from the founder of Le15, Pooja Dhingra. She is one of the top bakers in the country and has been giving her patrons a taste of what goes on in her kitchen. You can watch her whip some delicious macaroons and scrumptious pastries, courtesy of Instagram Reels.


Remember those long infomercials you saw on home shopping channels late at night?  Well, it’s always been advantageous for businesses to show their product, its uses, and its benefits.

If you are a product-based company, using the video format to show tutorials that will motivate the audience to buy your product. Several industries can easily create an Instagram video marketing strategy using this type of content to their advantage. These include, but aren’t limited to, the food and beverage business, electronics, beauty, and wellness brands.

Some Instagram video marketing examples of companies with this kind of content in India are Ching’s Secret and Fae Beauty.

Ching’s Secret is one of the leading condiment brands in India. The video content they create is full of recipes and quick fixes using their products. With thousands of views and comments on each video, Ching’s Secret has proven that video content is an asset for their industry.

Fae Beauty is an up-and-coming cruelty-free beauty brand based in Mumbai. Their product range is dominated by buildable lipsticks, which is the first product they launched. Fae has been using this USP to their advantage and creating tutorials showing how their lipsticks can be used as eyeshadows, lipsticks, and blush!

Another industry that can vastly benefit from tutorial videos is the apparel and clothing industry, right from eCommerce platforms such as Myntra to designers like Payal Singhal, who have approached influencers and used styling tutorials to highlight the versatility of their products and designs.

Product Handling

Since the global pandemic has shaken the world, a great emphasis has been placed on sanitization and safety precautions taken by different businesses to protect both their employees and their customers. When consumers are skeptical of making contact with packages, food items, etc., it is important to win their trust and assure them of their safety.

Several businesses used video content on Instagram to share their sanitization process. Whether it Food delivery apps like Zomato, or brands like Urban Clap, this kind of video content has helped several consumers feel confident about availing services from these companies.

Even for cloud Kitchens or restaurants, a virtual tour of their kitchen space, the sanitization process may help consumers feel at ease when ordering in. these are just some of the ways you can use video content to garner trust among your followers.

Virtual Tours

An emotional connection with the audience has great significance in today’s day and age. With increasing access to the internet and a subsequent abundance of options, a personal connection goes a long way in driving consumers towards your brand.

Many companies have used video content on Instagram to strengthen these very connections by giving their audience a tour of their workplace. Given the restrictions placed on public gatherings, many public places such as art galleries and museums have also used virtual tours to their advantage. It has played a significant role in their Instagram marketing strategies.

A trend that has been leveraged by the likes of Kylie Jenner in the past, many hotel chains such as the Marriot have used this to promote their luxurious properties.

Great content is the key to online marketing, and video content is a hot trend that has a lot of potentials. Creating informational, eye-catching, or impactful video content can help elevate your digital marketing game. If you have a business and want to build a brand using an Instagram video marketing strategy, rely on professional digital marketing services.

A good digital marketing agency will not only provide the right content and Instagram video marketing strategy, but they will also provide professional videography and editing services, helping you create the best content to promote your business.


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