How To Get Maximum Traffic To Your Blog From Facebook?

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Face book is a part of our geeky life in these days .  We can’t live with out face book, its one of our best friend.  So many bloggers was using Facebook to communicate with co-bloggers and also using it for time pass in their leisure time. Not only for time pass, you can also make $$ from your FB free time.

Its time to change your working style on face book , try to attract traffic from face book . Hope below tips was help you to get good amount of traffic & more expose to your blog.

5 Tips to Get More Traffic from Facebook

1. Share Links

It’s common, you already know about this. But as a formality I’m explaining this also.  Daily share every new published article in your facebook timeline. It help’s your friends to reach your blog quickly.

2. Create Groups

Create few face book groups with highlighting your blog . it gives more expose , popularity to your blog. Add your friends as members in your group, also create some buzz daily in your group to make it very active.

3. Promote In Groups

Now take a look on other groups also. Lot of face book groups was allow their members to share links. Ask your friends to and join few famous groups then start submitting links.

4. Create A Page

Create a facebook page with your blog name , using your blog logo . Ask your friends, readers to like your page . Just add face book page like box to your website / blog to increase likes.  Facebook pages was help you to maintain your readers on facebook , also give you awesome traffic .

5. Comment , Comment , Comment

Yup ! Comment on your friend’s status massages. Comment on photos, videos, links. Like your friend’s activities on facebook . It help you to increase relation ship with your friends. With these activities your face book friend’s were convert as your readers very soon..

I’m waiting for your comments about this article now , please share this article on your Facebook to help us grow . Thank you .


Vishal Gaikar

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