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Not all are aware of the consequence of registering with social media websites like Facebook for example. While the better known websites spell out their policies without mincing words, there are some who will make it ambiguous deliberately and exploit the situation to the hilt.

Information falling into wrong hands often means compromising on your personal safety and of course your personal finances as well. One of the biggest problems with leaked information is the possibility that some will use it for soliciting businesses, which you may not want.

Sometimes the problem can become so severe that you may have to consider closing down your account and your email identity as well and begin all over again. So make it a point to read the privacy policy of any social media before you begin with the sign up.

Among those websites that have a comprehensive privacy policy is Facebook. Depending on the experience they gather from time to time, they come out with policies to suit present day requirements. It so happens that many users seldom take the trouble to read through the entire policy.

That can partly be attributed to the volume of the policy statement itself. Reading and understanding the policy will let you make the right settings to your account and keep you safe and secure. When you don’t take the care to make a proper setting, chances are, the information you have in your account can be infringed by anyone.

Facebook takes special care to see that its users are aware of their policy pertaining to your privacy and they keep educating their users. Here below are some policies you must know when you sign up for Facebook. It is not intended to provide a comprehensive policy of Facebook, but give that little information, you may have to consider with a lens.

Every time you interact on Facebook, your timeline, the messages you receive or send, the searches you make for friends or any other thing that you view will be recorded in their computer. Even the kind of purchase you make for mobile apps and Facebook Credits you buy will be in the database of Facebook.

Facebook also gets information from their partner sites. Facebook uses the information they provide in their advertisement programs. Although not really a harmful situation, chances are you may not want your information to be leaked. So when using Facebook, take special care to see that you don’t part with the information, unless you don’t consider them to affect you.

Here is some information that Facebook considers as public. You might disagree. So consider it before you give away. Here is what Facebook considers as public, meaning that besides Facebook, every other user will also have access to it: Name, your pictures and photo and your network of friends and their details. Besides, your gender will also be visible to others.

Deactivating your account for some reason doesn’t mean all information about you has been completely erased. To do that you will have to consider using the delete function. But there is a rider to that too.

It can have a great bearing upon you, don’t forget. For a full policy statement you should visit Facebook’s Policy Statement page.


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