Instagram Launches IGTV – Its Challenge to YouTube

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The gauntlet has been officially thrown down in these days. Not even the time to celebrate the achievement of the first billion of users, that Instagram announces an important and resounding novelty in the scope of video sharing possibilities: the time limit will no longer be set at a maximum of 1 minute, but at 10. Furthermore, the most popular influencers with multiple followers will be able to post movies that last up to an hour.


Therefore, Instagram challenges YouTube, proposing to users to insert any type of video in the most appreciated social channels by the very young. Whether it’s for a cooking tutorial, an unboxing video for a hi-tech product or to show joy after making a great win on Online Casinos In New Jersey, we will soon be inundated with new footage with this major reduction in limitations.

These videos can be uploaded directly via Instagram or with a new app called IGTV accessible from the main social screen. As explained by the company (that, we remind, was purchased by Facebook a few years ago with a check that really presented many zeros …) IGTV was designed thinking about the way people use their smartphone every day in every part of the world.

The videos will be displayed in full screen and vertical. Video reproduction starts as soon as you open the app, so you do not need to search to get started. IGTV is based on the contacts you have on Instagram: in this way it is possible to watch the content created by people who are already followed and at the same time discover new ones, exactly as it already happens with the aforementioned YouTube rival.

All of this obviously has two final aims: first of all to sell even more advertising to be included in the videos and therefore increase the company’s turnover. The other is to preserve as much as possible his status of preferred social by younger users to share and view contents.

So, if Instagram throws down the gauntlet to YouTube, Google (the company owning the video sharing site) seems to make its latest moves in the field of e-commerce. The company has announced its intention to invest 550 million dollars in the Chinese company, the second giant of the sector in China, behind only Alibaba, the immense colossus of Chinese e-commerce of magnate Jack Ma.

With this agreement Google is trying to recover on the ground of e-commerce, where its shopping section cannot keep up with Amazon‘s dominance by the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos, who in the last few months is further increasing his market shares. In terms of videos also Amazon has made its moves with Prime Video but in this case trying to snatch the leadership of the streaming of films and TV series currently held by Netflix.

The giants of technology are therefore making their moves in an increasingly globalized market and in a short time, so that all these innovations can be tested directly by the users of every continent.


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