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WordPress is one of the most popular website builder tools. Right now Thirty-four percent of WordPress websites are present on the internet from total websites. WordPress was launched in 2013 and now it became one of the popular ones on the internet.

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Before getting started a detailed discussion about WordPress lets analyze online business growth in India and term related to website irrespective of website builder tool.

According to economic times, domain name India has become almost 12% over the most recent three years, a lot higher than the worldwide normal of 8.7%, and utilizing space names adequately could emphatically affect the topline of little and medium organizations, as indicated by an investigation by research firm Zinnov.

The Zinnov study found that about 79% of the small and medium scale organizations in India utilized the “.com” space name, contrasted with 46% that utilization “in” or India’s nation-level area name that the public authority is attempting to promote. About 25% SMBs utilize a blend of both “.com” and “.in” space names for their sites.

This proves that people are moving towards the internet world. And it is no more secret that the reason behind this is tremendous growth in internet users. If we do a time series analysis of technology and the internet world, you can get the idea behind this wonderful change. Let’s take look at three important terms before you design your site.

What is the domain?

The domain name is your business name. It represents your business. Though it sounds very easy still you need to be mindful while choosing this. It’s the same as your physical banner or board. Make sure the domain name should be unique and sounds impressive.

How to choose a domain name-

If you have established a business and want to enter an online world then you don’t need to bother about the domain name. But if you are new and don’t have any domain name then here are some tips that will help you to choose one.

1-  A combination of words with no meaning but sounds interesting and covered with a positive thought. Since it is a normal human tendency or feeling of curiosity that people think more or get interested in things which they don’t understand easily.

2-  Work on how you can expand your domain name, do research on it.

3-  if you have already a domain name but it may be possible that someone owns it in the online market so you can try to contact and purchase it.

4- Try domain name generators. You can easily get a number of sites for this on google just search for “domain name generator”.  I am listing some below-

  1. https://www.nameboy.com/
  2. https://instantdomainsearch.com/domain/generator/
  3. https://businessnamegenerator.com/domain-name-generator/
  4. https://www.namecheap.com/domains/domain-name-generator/

What is hosting? 

Hosting is space on the internet to save your site data. It is the same as the plot you buy for your actual shop. Now in the market, there are many options available for this. Here you buy hosting with your domain name. Just visit their site to compare prices, features, and buy.

Hosting provider list-

  1. Godaddy.com
  2. Hostgator.com
  3. Interserver.net
  4. Hostinger.com
  5. Bluehost.com

What is SSL?

It is a Secure Sockets Layer, just note this is a security layer of your site. In simple words, it’s like a lock of your shop, which keeps your assets safe. In an online platform, your and your user’s data is a real asset and SSL keeps it safe. This you will get from hosting providers as well.

For Examples

https://www.excelr.com  and http://scratchpads.org, in these both sites first one contains HTTPS and another HTTP. The first one is considered as a secure site and another one is not.

It is possible that your users may not understand these features but search engines do. So it always a better idea to choose HTTPS for your site.

Design your site with WordPress –

Here I m listing some main part of WordPress which will help you to start your site with WordPress.

  1. Dashboard – This is the backend of your site. Here you can see your recent activity or save a quick draft, etc. just check the below image.

On the left-hand side, you can see multiple options that you can use for a specific purpose.

2)   Post –  Here you can add a blog or post. Well, this again depends on your site type and your interest whether you want to add it or not.

3) Themes- this is the most important one. Here you can see different themes of your site. According to your business type WordPress gives you a site outline where just add your ideas.

4) Plugin- this feature allows you to explore your site. As themes are predesigned ones, but if you want any changes you can get different plugins and add them.

5) Elementor- this bulging lets you edit your site just by doing drag and drop. And you can also see live changes in your site to get an exact idea about its appearance.

Final word- 

Designing your site is not something that you will get expertise in one day. It is creativity. Because of web builder, it became possible to create a website even if you have zero codings language and even experience.  All you need is will power and bits of patience.


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