Suggestions That Almost Killed Conversion Rate of My Website

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Here are some suggestions which almost killed Conversion Rate of My Website, I am sharing with you guys. Conversion is a tricky business, as we are all indoctrinated. Of course, it involves crunching numbers, playing with some serious data and brainstorming with some serious looking guys in their formal, who seem to know all about conversion, at least their degrees say so. But from my personal experience, all I can add is that sometimes none of them works and even in some worse cases, suggestions of a conversion optimizer can kill the conversion of your website completely.

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However, there are some great examples of conversion rate shooting through the roof by making small changes in the positioning of the elements or making certain tweaks with the sales pitches etc. All these sound good and there are many people who are ever eager to share their success stories. But here I am going to share my story where the suggestions turned for the worse.

They Said My Sales Page Look Bad


Yah, this was their first feedback when I asked them to review my website in detail and they came up with some suggestion to increase conversion rate. Well, my sales page had some big images and I had added some content in the body to make it SEO friendly and there was three Call to action buttons to trigger conversion. But they pressed me to change the structure, reduce page content and consolidate the three Cal To Action buttons to one. But lol, when I checked the conversion rate of that page after a week, I checked that none of the visitors clicked on them. A complete marketing disaster, I would like to call it.

They Said My Punch Line Lacked Punch


Yes, I do agree that the previous punch line of my website was not that much catchy and it did lack the punch. And so I complied with their suggestion and ask my editor to come up with something creative and that has the punching effect. The line finally seemed good and once they approved, I changed the punch line and was hoping to see some positive changes in the conversion rate. But again the heartbreak followed. The punch line, though highly creative, failed to curry favor with my targeted audience.

They Said The Structure of My Sales Page is Not Good

Again I acknowledge that the sales page was not anything that you may term as a eye candy but still, bounce rate of that page was not that much high. But they were hard pressed on changing the structure and came up with convincing data and so, I obliged to go by whatever they suggested. The structure got a complete makeover and to be really honest, it looked professional to the core. But when I was checking the bounce rate of that page, there was not much difference. This was not exactly what I was expecting from them.

What Went Wrong

Now, let’s analyze what went wrong with these suggestions. The first suggestion really makes sense but the problem was that unless you are in touch with the market, you are sure to mess up with things. So, to remain in good shape, you need to try Google A/B split testing rather than sticking to a particular structure and theme. Create three or four different design formats of your website and then run a split testing.

It will give you all the data like which design manages to draw the attention of the visitors and which one fails miserably. Once you have the details, you can make the best decision that will go a long way to increase conversion rate of your website.

And when it comes to the sales pitch, do not use anything that people may find it tough to relate to. Use something simple that is easy to understand and at the same time catchy. Do not use anything highly creative because ordinary people like me may fail to feel its beauty. Try these tips and I hope you would not have to face the disaster in cold blood.


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