How to Increase Google Adsense CPC (Cost per Click)

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Few days ago, I was complaining about the low Google Adsense CPC or cost per click, then I did some research and found some tips which help to convert the low Adsense CPC into High Adsense CPC.  Google Adsense CPC is the amount earned by Adsense publishers each time an ad on their site is clicked. The amount can be as low as $0.01 or higher than $10.

The Google Adsense CPC for perticular ad is determined by Google AdWords advertisers bid for the particular ad.  I have researched and want to share some tips which might be helpful for everyone to get an Adsense ads with high CPC,

1. Use the Best Ad Format

Average CTR by Ad Format
Format             CTR
336 x 280         7.46%
300 x 250         5.58%
728 x 90            3.16%
120 x 240          2.99%
160 x 600          2.44%
120 x 600          1.33%
468 x 60            0.53%

The above table makes it very clear which ad format you should be using. The 336 x 280 large rectangle receives the highest click through rate by far. It is followed by the 300 x 250 small rectangle, and then the CTR really starts to drop off from there.

2. Target high paying keywords

Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool to do some quick keyword research and target high paying keywords with this tool. Google AdWords Advertisers bid for keywords in targeting their ads, targeting your site for the high paying keywords will definitely increase the CPC – cost per click of your AdSense ads.

3. Display relevant ads

When Google couldn’t find the relevant ads for your site’s page, it’ll display less relevant ads or even worse. It is important then to make sure you have the right ads displayed on your sites. So the question is, How to display relevant Adsense ads ? Well, it’s really easy if you know Adsense section targeting, if you don’t know then visit this link, and apply section targeting for your blog, which will help you to display relevant Adsense ads.

4. Display less number of ads

If you are using too many ads on your page, then it’s time to remove some of them. Because Advertises in Google adwords always target the keywords and if there are too many ad units in a single page of your site, it’s likely that even the low paying ads will also be displayed.  Your won’t earn much if your website visitors click on the low paying AdSense ads. To fix the problem, try to place less ads, but increase the CTR of the ads.

5. Ad Placement is very Important

Where to place the ads is the most important thing. The best Adsense ad won’t deliver if it isn’t visible in the first place. But after much experimentation with Google AdSense, I know that the most visible ads aren’t always the most effective. In fact, they’re likely to get ignored . Put Adsense ad where your content is most likely to interest and engage your visitors.

  • Blend your ads – Set your ad’s background color to be exactly the same color as webpage’s background color.
  • Avoid the 468×60 banner size – Use the rectangular 336×280 size instead. My results have shown that, on average, the CTR using the 336×280 format has been as much as 12 times greater than that of 468×60! Why? Because people know 468×60 is an ad right off the bat.
  • Try to avoid image ads. Use strictly text ads they work better in most cases.

6. Enable placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows Google AdWords advertisers to directly advertise on your website. AdWords advertisers search for specific criteria, and if your website has it, they’ll advertise on your website. This normally yields higher CPC of the ads.

7. Block low paying Advertisers in Adsense

This is my favorite way to block ads with the lowest CPC and the Adsense ads that I don’t want. Google allows you and give a chance to block URLs. This can be done by login to your adsense account and then go to > Allow and block ads > Blocking Options > Advertisers URL. Enter the low CPC URLs you wish to block from showing adsense on your website.

To know the details about the CPC and keywords you can visit KeywordSpy, This site will allow you to find low paying Adsense advertisers.

I hope all above steps will help you to Increase Google Adsense CPC, if you know more ways to do this, then share with us via comments below.


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