How to Write Your First Guest Post that Creates A Lot of Buzz

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Here are few tips on writing your first Guest post. Do you want to get more traffic, leads, sales and online visibility? There’s ONLY one secret weapon to do it and it’s GUEST BLOGGING.

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There are many bloggers who increases their online revenue, visibility and traffic just by using guest blogging. So, there’s no doubt you can also do the same by using guest posting. Here are few incredible ways to write your first guest post to create a lot of buzz.

Identify your target reader

This is a no brainer – find out the target people to create great buzz with your guest posts.

If you want to create great impact with your guest posts, try to stand out from other guest bloggers. There’s no point in writing generic guest posts, grab attention by creating great rapport with your targeted audience.

How to identify your targeted readers?

  • Read and analyze their popular posts
  • Read their blog comments (most people will be expressing their doubts and views in the comment section)
  • Observe which products they are selling on their blogs

Write 700 to 900+ word guest posts

Detailed guest posts often get more links, shares, likes and comments. You don’t need to write 2000 words articles in the beginning of your guest blogging journey, but make it habit of writing detailed guest posts with 800+ words.

Detailed guest posts provide you an easy to stand out platform. Once you get recognition of writing detailed guest posts, others will notice you as an authority blogger in less time. That’s what you need to build great reputation with guest blogging.

You don’t have to focus on the word count though, but detailed posts often get more response from the blogosphere. Try to focus on one problem at a time and give the best solutions to grab others attention.

Put your best foot forward

Always spend quality time in research, writing and crafting your guest posts, put your best foot forward, don’t be selfish to give your best stuff to publish on other blogs.

Most new bloggers often do one thing wrong – they don’t send their best posts as guest posts. They always publish the best stuff on their own blogs. This is the dumbest guest blogging mistake one can ever make, if you want to create a lot of buzz with your guest posts – provide the best content. It will definitely give you better results in the long run.

Use Topsy & twitter search to find out the hot topics

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Use twitter search to find out the popular and hot topics in your niche. You just have to enter a specific keyword in the twitter search box. You will come up with all the trending topics for the desired keywords.

Analyze what others are writing about the hot topics and learn to write a better copy than others. Use catchy headlines, images and provide more information to make your guest posts stand out from others.

Topsy is another tool which can help you find the relevant searches in your network. Enter your keywords to find the trending and popular topics in your niche and write about the most irritating problems that your readers might face.

Give credits wherever they require

Link to other resources and give credits to the images or quotes in your guest posts. One of the best ways to grab other bloggers attention is by mentioning their posts in your guest posts.

This often have two benefits: the blogger you are linking to will get a track back and the blog owner will get a chance to create strong relationships with them.

If your targeted blogger find your topic interesting, he will definitely share your guest post with his network which results in more traffic and comments.

Create relationships with the blog owners

Don’t use guest blogging just for the sake of link building, if done right, guest blogging is the ultimate weapon to create strong relationships with the influencers in your niche.

Land on the same blogs with your guest posts to get more attention and build rapport with the readers. This is the best way to getting guest blogging success in less time, but make sure you are responding to everyone in the comments and emails.


Create high quality guest posts all the time – it’s the only way to create a lot of buzz. Boost your online visibility by engaging with other bloggers, share their stuff with your network and promote your guest posts to get more attention from others.


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