Common Digital Threats & How to Protect Your Business

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In today’s day and age, there are many digital threats that business owners need to be aware of. Companies rely heavily on data and technology to operate their business, but this can be dangerous, and there are a growing number of threats that could devastate a company.

Fortunately, there are always ways in which you can protect yourself, and it is vital that business owners make this a priority so that they can safeguard their business, their staff and their customers. Here are a few of the main threats and advice on how you can protect your business.


Ransomware has become an enormous threat in recent times, and it is only predicted to become more of a problem. As the name implies, ransomware holds your data ransom and claims to only release this data when a fee has been paid (there is no guarantee of this).

The best way to protect your business against ransomware is to apply high-quality antivirus software and to use a firewall. You also need to educate your team on the importance of not clicking on suspicious emails and links and remember to back up your data externally so that you do not lose files.

Employee Negligence

Cyberattacks and data breaches are often a result of employee negligence, whether this is using default passwords, sending sensitive data across an unsecured network, or losing a company smartphone.

The key to avoiding issues through employee negligence is educating your team and by implementing a cybersecurity policy. You can also use access control to control who has access to what.

Multiple Devices

Multiple devices accessing your network may be great for productivity, but it can be devastating for your business should a virus or hacker get into your network through an unprotected device and access data across the entire system. That’s why endpoint protection is so crucial. Every device on your network is one “endpoint,” and every one must be protected at all times. Going one step further, however, you can implement Endpoint Detection and Response security from to alert you to anyone who may be trying to hack into your network, enabling you to react quickly.

Phishing Scams

Phishing remains an enormous problem for both businesses and individuals, and this is because the scams are becoming increasingly advanced. These scams can cause all kinds of havoc for your business and lead to malware, ransomware, data corruption, identity fraud, and a host of other issues.

Employee training to spot phishing scams is crucial, but you also need to have high-quality antivirus, use a firewall, keep your browser updated, and avoid giving out personal information. This should help you to stay safe and avoid this potentially very dangerous scam.

There are many threats to be aware of as a business owner in today’s day and age, with the above being a few of the major ones. Technology and the internet have transformed the way in which businesses operate, but it can also bring a host of threats and issues. However, when you know how to stay safe and protect your business and customers, it can likewise help you to enjoy all the benefits.


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