List of Top 20 Video Sharing Websites.

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Online video sharing is so popular. There is plenty of online video websites,where users can upload video clips and share it with the other peoples.

Many sites place restrictions on the file size, duration, subject matter and format of the uploaded video file. Most sites don’t allow nudity, though each site makes judgment calls on what qualifies as inappropriate content. But how many do you ever heard about? Below is a list of all recommend free video sharing sites where you can upload and share and earn money from your videos.

List :


YouTube is the biggest and best known, and it offers many features if you want to share your video and get it seen by a large audience.It was founded in mid-February 2005.

2.Meta Cafe

Metacafe is a community based video sharing web site, that specializes in short-form original entertainment, where users upload, view and share video clips.A mix of user-generated and professionally produced videos.


imeem is a social media service where users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing content of all media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video.

4.Google Video

It is is one of our favorites for embedding into websites. Seemed fast, accepts larger files, and one of our favorite in terms of quality and use.Google purchased YouTube, but it still maintains its own video sharing and search tools.


Quality,Creativity and Community is three words dedicated for the vimeo.It consist of high quality tools to provide innovative creations in your shared videos for all the network community.

6.Yahoo! Video

Yahoo! Video has all the features available on other large video-sharing sites. It also gives you the ability to upload a transcript for your video, which makes it easier to find in web searches.Yahoo! Video began as a video search engine and re-launched in June 2006 with the ability to upload and share video clips.


Online video, movie, music sharing websites where you will get both free and paid accounts. But, you will be satisfied to using their service and it’s really awesome that dividing topics as cluster and easy to see the top video from different portions and by one click you can move to that networks and watch the video.

8. is a video sharing service designed for creators of user-generated content. provides content creators with free hosting, support for a variety of video formats, distribution using technologies like RSS and an opt-in advertising program with a 50/50 revenue share.


Revver is a revenue sharing, as well as video sharing, web site. Ads embedded at the end of videos can earn producers real money.Revver attaches advertising to user-submitted video clips and shares all ad revenue 50/50 with the creators.


San Diego based company which is providing internet television service and user have options to watch contents, independent production and user can generate video too. This site is super smooth and a great competitor of youtube.


Grouper makes it easy to upload your videos, and share them with family, friends or the world.

12.MySpace Video

One of the world’s most popular video sharing websites. It says, “MySpace Video – Watch & Share Videos, Video Clips, Music Videos, TV Show Video & Movie Trailers Online”. If you have myspace account, you can get all of this features. By selecting category or inputting query in search engine. You can grab video instantly.


VideoEgg engaging rich advertising networks through video sharing site. They giving guarantees about brand management and they says, “Our network consists of over 100 million unique across hundreds of leading sites, blogs, and gaming sites, as well as social and mobile applications”.

14.Daily Motion

Daily Motion offers a clean interface and all of the tools you expect from a quality video sharing site.

15.Jump Cut

Yahoo!’s entry into the world of social video sharing, Jump Cut offers a sleek online video editing tool, as well as all the bells and whistles for uploading and sharing your videos.


VReel is a website currently under construction in an effort to replace the now defunct Stage6 with a viable alternative. (formerly is a humor website founded in 1998 that features comedy videos, flash games, and pictures among other material.


5min is the leading syndication platform for broadband instructional, knowledge and lifestyle videos. The library includes tens of thousands of videos across 20 categories and 140 subcategories, which are professionally produced and brand-safe.


ClipShack is a community for videophiles; a destination where people can post their video for general public viewing and comment, share clips with friends and family, post video to blogs, share information and feedback with other videophiles and wireless media aficionados and gain industry information relevant to digital video creation.


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