5 Things Blogger Should Not Do in Blogging Career

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You will see a lot of blog posts where everyone will tell you “Things to do in blogging career”, “tips you should follow in blogging” etc, but what if i say things you should not do in your blogging career. I made a list of 5 things that you should never do in your blogging career. If you want to became a popular, unique and establish blogger then you should take care of every aspect. Your job is not only limited to writing blog posts, promoting it, bringing traffic and making money. However you must take care of every aspect and you should not do the following 5 things in your blogging career.

1. Expectation

You should never expect result sooner; it takes time to get positive result. If you really want to be the leader in your respective field then you must struggle and wait for the result. I bet you will get a good result. Someone great has said, do your deed and forget about the coming result!

2. Monotony

Monotony is a situation when you are performing the same task again and again. Don’t do it, otherwise you will soon become bore and your struggle toward your blog branding will decrease. Make a blog plan and divide the work, rotate and enlarge your work, to overcome on monotony. If planned properly, you will succeed! Planning is the main thing. Plan well to get good results!

3. Over Confident

Don’t be over confident; always think if you are a newbie. Don’t stop learning, keep reading, and keep posting comments even on newbie’s blogs. Don’t think that you know everything, but gain extra knowledge from every person. Who knows someone may have something special be it some special knowledge or something you don’t know which if known can help you in a great way! So connect with all of the bloggers be them newbies.

4. Don’t Get Depressed

Ahh my blog still hasPR-2, and Mr. John’s blog has a PR-5! Instead of thinking about other blogs, why not increase your efforts and show some practical work. Your every single second is very precious don’t waste it in thinking of such things. Getting depressed / jealous will only make things worse. You will lose self-belief, mind will become nervous. So take even the negative things with a positive attitude.

5. I Can’t Do It!

Are you saying or thinking that? No, you are absolutely wrong, you can do it, and you will have to do it. If you will not do it, someone else will do it. First thing, remove the word “CAN’T” from your brain! Think positively and don’t say that you can’t do it. Success is just a few steps away from you, but the thing is to adopt every new thing and show your hidden ability to the world.


Vishal Gaikar

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