Choosing a Mobile Broadband Network for your Online Business

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Mobile networks are now running faster and more reliably than ever, which makes it easier to conduct business on the go. If you run an online business, whether it’s an eCommerce shop or a video consulting firm, you most likely use your mobile device to take care of business tasks wherever you might be.


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It’s important to choose a mobile broadband provider who will be able to keep you connected and up-to-date with the latest technology. There’s a great deal of competition out there, so before you sign any contract you’ll want to keep the following factors in mind.


Naturally, costs are probably on your mind as the owner of a small online business. A good mobile broadband network must be competitively priced. Think about if you prefer to pay as you go, or pay a monthly charge.

Unlimited data plans might be a good idea if you spend a lot of time on your tablet, but while this used to be a flat fee it’s now often charged using data tiers. Use your own typical usage as a guide and look for a plan that makes financial sense.

Connection Speed

When working on business tasks from a mobile phone, speed matters, big-time. At the moment, you’ll be able to choose from 3G and 4G services from most operators, or a combination of the two. If you use VoIP services like Skype to talk to clients or other contacts high speeds make a huge difference.

High data speeds will help improve your ability to transmit information reliably and enhance your ability to conduct video conferencing or other typical business tasks. Think about what you use your phone for in terms of your business. If it’s mainly voice calls and texting, any speed will do. But if you go online a lot or use VoIP services, look for a 4G service.

You may see different termed bandied about, including HSPA+ and LTE, all of which may make different promises regarding average data speeds. Compare these to get the best service in your region.

Network Reliability

A seamless 4G network would be ideal, but in the real world you’re likely to have mixed coverage. If you travel for your business, be sure to choose a phone that can handle a variety of different network speeds.

You’ll also want to choose a network provider that has the security infrastructure in place to handle heavy network traffic.

Customer Service

Finally, you want to think about your own experience as a customer when you are choosing a broadband network to support your online business. What structure does the provider use to streamline the customer experience?

For example, customer experience management with Nokia Networks involves giving the operators tools they need to maintain network traffic flow and resolve complaints, while other providers might focus more on email resolution. If you are having problems, is there tech support in place?

Finally, a good network will not only be able to offer you the fastest 4G connection speeds so that you can transfer data rapidly, but it should also offer a high level of security to keep your business data safe. Be sure to keep all of these features in mind as you choose a network provider to keep your online business up to speed.


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