Zoom Android App Rating Affected by Coronavirus Outbreak

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There can be many reasons why the rating for a mobile app would suddenly decrease. Perhaps multiple users are having issues with the software. Maybe there’s a bug with the rating system itself. But, in the case of Android’s Zoom app, the ratings have gone down due to…coronavirus? One would think that video conferencing has now become quite the norm for many people who are working from home and need to contact their colleagues, that hasn’t been such a great thing for the Zoom app. A lot of problems have been brought up with regard to using it, with Play Store customers leaving one-star reviews for its services.

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The reviews have been wrecking the previously stellar reputation of Zoom, and have led to many people either uninstalling it or leaving it alone. It’s quite the bad reputation to get in such times, considering many people are now having to turn to it (as well as other video conferencing apps) so as to be able to work or study.

Amongst the problems reported with Zoom, many users have left reviews stating that it frequently crashes on them, the quality of the calls is very low and one even referring to it as a “poor mans version of Skype”.

What would have benefitted Zoom more is if it had opted to limit the number of new sign-ups to its service since the coronavirus outbreak has forced so many people to work from home. Yet, with competition from brands like Microsoft, Google Duo, Hangouts Meet and the aforementioned Skype, Zoom potentially didn’t want to miss out on the custom.

Will Google Step in and Save Zoom?

Of course, the Play Store allows anyone who downloads an app to leave a rating and comments on its functionality. Yet, while this is quite the trying time for any business or creation, is there a possibility of Google opting to step in and issue some kind of reprieve for Zoom against all of these negative votes? Rivals to Zoom haven’t really been quite as impacted in a negative way as Zoom has, although their products are generally targeted at corporate customers more so than small businesses and general consumers.

While it could be down to Google to utilise its powers and cancel ratings and comments on Zoom, it’s not the only app that has been receiving negative reviews in recent times. And some online sportsbooks may end up seeing such comments left on their apps, considering that multiple events around the world have been postponed or canceled altogether. If you’re wanting to do something about this though, you can check out Efirbet.com and find out which companies provide downloadable apps for their sports betting sites.

Oddly enough, the Zoom iOS app hasn’t particularly been affected by negative reviews, still having a total of 4.7 stars as its rating. Therefore, this could be an indication that the downvotes are specific to Zoom’s Android app, which the company may need to look into much more specifically. On the other hand, perhaps Apple has frozen Zoom’s rating on the Apple Store, so as to stop such a barrage of negative reactions.


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