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Facebook , on 12th April announced Facebook Home, a new launcher for android devices. Facebook, the social network has more than one billion users chose to integrate into any android smartphone.

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Facebook Home is one of the best android launcher for your smartphone. From the moment you turn your phone, you see a steady stream of friends’ posts and photos on your home screen. Upfront notifications and quick access to your essentials mean you’ll never miss a moment. And when you download Facebook Messenger, you can keep chatting with friends when you’re using other apps.


It is a kind of application that will become the home screen of your Android smartphone. Home is superimposed on your Android home screens and binding all mobile Facebook applications together. Home not only adds a layer that overlays your traditional home screens, but this system will be integrated throughout the operating system.

Let me explain, when you’re on Chrome , Gmail or any other Android app, you can quickly switch to the Facebook messaging system, access to status updates and photos of your friends. Even I have installed Facebook home on my smartphone- Samsung Galaxy S III. Captured few screenshots, here is one for you-


Facebook Home features-

  • Glance at your phone for the latest photos and posts from your friends
  • With chat heads and Facebook Messenger, you can keep chatting when you’re using other apps
  • See news as it happens with bigger, bolder notifications
  • Get right to Facebook, Instagram and other essentials

Some aspects of Facebook Home much like Flipboard . This is “Cover Feed.” You drag the photos and status updates to the way a Web magazine. For now Facebook home is only available for few android devices. Eventually Home will also be available on Android tablets.


Yo can download Facebook Home apk from here if it’s not yet available in your country. Will you install the Facebook application on your Android smartphone?

Download Facebook Home for Android


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