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Google’s android operating system for smartphones made a splash when it was first released. Not only is it an open format other companies integrate into their own UIs, but Android is one of the fastest and most useful operating systems available today. Adding Android applications to any Android based smartphone is a great way to give it added functionality. The following 10 applications are some of the best for the job.

1. DropBox

a free application that allows users to add files to the DropBox on the Android phone and then access it from a desktop using the DropBox application and vice-versa. The DropBox folders synchronize easily, allowing the user to add and move any type of file including photos, documents and others from the phone to the desktop and back.

2. GDocs an application for Android made for Google Docs users. This application is free and allows users to synchronize their online Google docs with their Android device. Users can also create, edit, import, export, send, and delete documents from the device as well.

3. Opera Mini 5 –

the mini version of the Opera web browser for desktop computers. This is a free application for Android from which the users can surf the Internet extraordinarily fast by compressing data before it reaches the phone.

4. EBuddy Messenger –

a free application for Android that allows users to use most of their chat applications from a single interface. Chat with friends from Windows Live, Yahoo, ICQ, Facebook, AIM, GTalk, MySpace, and Hyves easily. Because messages are sent as data, it is a great application for those with “all you can eat” data accounts.

5. Jorte

a free organization application allowing users to manage everything they do from a single interface. With the ability to synchronize with Google Calendar, users can schedule tasks, appointments, and to-do lists from their phones and access them from home.

6. The Personal Assistant another organizational app, but this one has even more functions than Jorte does. Not only can users schedule tasks and appointments with the calendar view, but they can also perform other tasks as well. Some of tasks include checking bank statements, tracking unused minutes, frequent flyer miles, bill due dates and much more.

7. Documents to Go a premium application for Android that allows users to view, create, edit, and delete Microsoft Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations and Adobe PDF files. While other applications lack integration for Microsoft features, this one includes all of them. A free Word and Excel viewer is available for Android users, but the full version of this application costs $14.99.

8. Astro File Manager a free application allowing users much more functionality with their files and folders; something Android usually does not offer natively. Using this app, users can move file back and forth from the SIM card and other areas of the phone.

9. CallTrack a free application allowing users to log all incoming and outgoing calls within their Google calendar. This is a great application for those who make many phone calls but do not have time to log them before new calls come in thus deleting the old call logs. The user can choose which sent, incoming and missed calls to log of which duration, call time, and number are recorded.

10. Sherpa – a free application for Android that intuitively shows the user places he might want o go based on search history. This is a great learning application for those who travel for work and are constantly on the road. For example, a person searches for restaurants to review, the application intuitively shows the user restaurants the next time he uses the app.


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