5 Social Mobile Messaging Apps to Replace Text Messages

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Social Messaging Apps for mobile are the most prominent applications that are developing and rapidly flourishing among the people. These applications are easy to find on iTunes Store and Google Play, and many such marketplaces. SMS’s were, in fact, a great way to connect with family and friends via sending them a small text message.

Text messages were provided by network carriers, and they were confined because every text message had a length. Moreover, if one uses SMS for a particular services, for e.g. to send an image, then the network carrier often charge for the same.

On the contrary the social mobile applications are totally different, they’re not expensive and that’s the reason they’re so much famous among the Generation Y and Z.

These applications are not just economic, but are popular among the users because they offer more than just cost effective messaging service. They also have a variety of features such as emoticons, stickers, facility to send multimedia such as images, video, audio etc.

Out of so many available applications, here’s what we recommend – 5 Mobile Messaging Apps To Replace SMS!



Skype is widely know for Voice and Video chats, and people use it more often to conduct video chatting, conferences etc. But Skype is also a versatile application that makes it convenient for the users to do group chats, maintains the chat history, and also lets the user to edit/remove the sent messages. Apart from this, skype can be used on cell phones and desktops.

Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger

Facebook messenger is another application made to joust with WhatsApp. The messenger can be used on mobile as well as desktop. While on mobile, the user has to login and get started with chatting right away.

The facebook messenger is available for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows and BlackBerry OS. The user can easily chat, and send images, emoticons, stickers etc.


We Chat

WeChat is another application that has accumulated a lot of hype among the people these days. It offers a variety of features such as text messaging, message broadcasting, voice messaging, location sharing, and contact sharing as well. Apart from this, WeChat backs up social networking, and also has other features such as “Drift Bottle”, “Shake”, “Look Around”.



Viber is a free mobile messaging application that provides features such as free calling, photo sharing, message sharing, location sharing with other viber users. Viber already has 200 million users, and it won’t stop here. The app is absolutely free to use, requires no registration or invitation and to top it off, the user gets to stay connected with free calls, unlimited text & images sharing.



When it comes to mobile messaging applications, WhatsApp has been, and still is the veteran. It’s the guru when talking about applications that offer free messaging services on the cell phone. The user gets to send unlimited texts, images, video, audio, location and contacts to other WhatsApp users.

There is another feature that shows the ‘last seen’ time stamp of a particular user, it also displays if your message has been sent and delivered. You also get to block specific users, and that completely jams any possible way through which the blocked user might try to contact you.

WhatsApp is supported by all major smartphones such as Android, iPhone, Windows, BlackBerry, Nokia. To conclude, WhatsApp is far more user friendly, feature rich, and much cheaper than any other SMS service. Furthermore it’s free to use, and only uses data pack to send messages.


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