Ten Occasions When You’ll Need Help with VPNs

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There are many VPN services available to consumers but how can you benefit from using one? There are two major advantages of VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection:


  1. A VPN cloaks and encodes your signal, preventing eavesdroppers from accessing your online activities.
  2. A VPN controls your IP address so that it looks like you are coming from a different location, country or device.

Although your VPN affect the speed of your connection speed by 25-30 percent, there are many reasons why you need FastestVPNGuide to cloak your online activities and alter your IP address.

Get Comprehensive Netflix and Streaming Content Outside of the USA

Copyright agreements prevent Netflix, Hulu and Pandora including other streaming media providers from broadcasting all content outside of the United States of America. Therefore, users in Canada, UK, Australia, South America, Europe and Asia cannot access many movies because they are blocked. They accomplish this geographical enforcement by reading your user login IP address and then trace it to its original country.

Using a VPN service lets you control your device’s IP address making it look like you are within the US. This unlocking gives you access to more Netflix and Pandora streams. Configuring your mobile device or television is necessary if you want to use a VPN connection.

Privately Download and Upload P2P Files

The MPAA along with other authorities hate P2P file sharing. Profit and legality issues are the underlining factors that make them want to ban consumers from sharing music and movies online. They mask their identity by prying on your ISP signal or by pretending to be likeminded file sharers.

A VPN will code your file uploads and downloads and your real IP address so that the authorities cannot detect your identity. Check this URL: https://www.vpnmentor.com/blog/best-vpns-for-showtime/

VPN Uses

Confident Use of Public or Hotel Wi-Fi

Many persons do not know that public Wi-Fi networks are unsafe for private email browsing. These networks do not provide users with encryption security; therefore, anyone can eavesdrop on your transmitted signals. Public and hotel Wi-Fi are very insecure, that is why it is advisable for mobile phone users to pay the minimal monthly cost for the safety a VPN connection offers.

With a personal VPN connection, you can log into any public Wi-Fi and your use of the network will be encoded and hidden from snooping eyes. VPN is recommended for persons who want to remain anonymous while traveling and those who use public wireless regularly.

No Restriction in using the Network at School/Work

An “Unacceptable Use” policy in effect at a company, a school, or university can limit employees or students’ use of web browsing. While “Acceptable Use” may be arguable, many institutions often enforce unjustified restrictions that prevent you from checking your social media accounts.

With a VPN connection, you are able to use tunneling from a confined network and connect to other websites that are otherwise restricted. In addition, during web browsing your VPN connection prevents the network administrator from deciphering your browsing activity, making it impossible for registering any evidence of your web activities. This article is not endorsing violating ‘Acceptable Use’ policies. However, if your reasons for sidestepping a particular network restriction is justifiable, get yourself a VPN.

Skirt the Country’s Web Restriction and Content Tailing

Some countries enforce ‘Acceptable Use’ policies on citizens. Some countries for example, Afghanistan, Belarus, Cuba, China, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Syria limit citizens access to the World Wide Web.

If you reside in any of these restricting countries, you can connect to a VPN server to help you bypass the suppressive restrictions, thereby allowing full access to the World Wide Web. A VPN hides all your activity preventing eavesdropping from any government as discussed here.  Although you will have a slower bandwidth while using a VPN, the privacy gained is worth it.

Cover your VOIP phone calls

It’s very easy to eavesdrop on Voice-over-IP (internet telephoning). Ensure that you use a VPN connection if you are a regular user of VOIP services such as Skype. While the VIOP cost may be higher and the speed slower a VPN will guarantee your personal privacy.

Use Search Engines without having your searches logged

Search Engines including Google and Bing collect all your web searches. They attach your online searches to your computer’s IP address and then use it to modify advertising and upcoming searches for your device. While this may seem discreet and useful, there is risk however, for public embarrassment in the future.

Prevent Google from storing your searches you would want to remain confidential. Get a VPN and hide your IP address to keep your searches private.  Read: https://www.howtogeek.com/133680/htg-explains-what-is-a-vpn/

Watch Specific Home Broadcasts While Traveling

If you are away from home and in another country, you can access your preferred streaming television, sports and video feeds if the local network restricts you. A VPN allows you to ‘tunnel in’ to your home country’s network so you can watch your preferred sports and showtime.


Avoid Reprisals and Trace back when researching

If you are an employee engaged in market research of a competitor, a writer, or reporter who is covering sensitive topics such as human trafficking, war genocides or you are a law enforcement officer investigating drug rings; your computer must be untraceable to prevent revenges. Your personal VPN connection will manipulate your IP address and make you undetectable.

You believe in Personal Privacy

In addition to all the reasons stated above, you believe in personal privacy, the right to transmit and receive information without being intercepted and recorded by the authorities. Your VPN service provider can help you achieve that.


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