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We are often hesitant to go with a new thing in the market before reading the reviews of different people who have already used it. But this is not the case with the all new email client for Mac – MailSpring. Though available for Windows and Linux as well, MailSpring is the best alternative to Nylas mail and other email clients for Mac. Let us learn more about this tool and understand its specialties.

MailSpring Pro

MailSpring Pro – A Knowhow

MailSpring is an email client that is faster and leaner than most of the existing email clients. Its unique native C++ sync engine, fewer dependencies, and vastly improved performance have already gained enough appreciation from its users. Moreover, it is available for free for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It has been created by the original developers of Nylas mail.

The free version of MailSpring lets the users get access to the features like ‘Advanced Search’, ‘Translation’, ‘Signatures’, ‘Spell Check’, and more. The users looking to access its more features can go with MailSpring Pro.

MailSpring Pro is a premium version of this email client that gives access to advanced features of this tool to the users. The users will now be able to set automatic replies with pre-defined layouts, track the links, read recipients, access quick reply templates, and so much more after choosing the premium version.

Why is MailSpring Pro better than other Email Clients?

MailSpring Pro is the fork of Nylas. The same developers have written its code that was behind Nylas. The code has been rewritten and the core parts have been revamped to make it more efficient. Its sync engine is created using native C++ (as used by the MacOS email apps – Airmail and Sparrow). This means that MailSpring uses lesser RAM as compared to those built in JavaScript. Your emails will be synced faster.

The user can set up multiple accounts including Office 365 and IMAP (Yahoo, Gmail, Mail etc). The emails can be browsed from all the accounts using a unified inbox. The search can be performed instantly using the built-in search.

Top Features of MailSpring Pro

MailSpring lets you understand your audience, send them timely follow-ups, turn clicks and opens into the actionable insights, and acts as an unstoppable email sidekick for business and sales. Let’s explore the features of the premium version of MailSpring.

Manage your Inbox Effectively

MailSpring Pro will remove the limits that are in the free version so that you can snooze the messages, schedule the reminders, send emails/reminders later an unlimited number of times, and totally conquer your inbox efficiently.

Understand Contact & Company Profiles

It is important to understand your contacts and customers and connect with them. MailSpring Pro provides you the context you will need with enriched contact profiles featuring social profiles, location information, bio info, and much more.

Read Receipts

The activity tracking comes inbuilt in MailSpring Pro. So, you will be notified as soon as your contact will read your message. This will alert you and you can send the follow-up email just after your contact has gone through your email message.

Link Tracking

The insight into how your contacts get engaged with your contact is really important. This gives you a fair idea of what’s working and what’s not. MailSpring notifies you when the links in your email are clicked so that you can understand what is developing the interest of an audience.

Quick Reply Templates

It is really a big hassle to type the same emails again and again. You can easily send these emails using MailSpring Pro. Create a library of generally used emails and the emails will always be on your fingertips whenever you want to send them. These emails can be customized anytime.


All the above-listed features of MailSpring Pro can be availed at $8/month. You will get the free features running with the Pro version as well. All you have to do is pay $8 to use this powerful email client for your Mac system.

The Bottom Line

MailSpring Pro is a stunning email client that is available for MacOS, Linux, and Windows devices. A user can easily organize multiple emails, search through them efficiently, use reply templates, check the insights, and get the entire performance metrics of their email campaigns using this tool.


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