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There are two ways to recover your ICQ password in case you forgot them. The first is to use brute force and the second to simply reset it to the default. It is much better to try resetting the password as it is more effective.

Resetting the ICQ Passwords

This can be done by going online to the official homepage of ICQ and opening Reset password page. Look for the assigned field for your ICQ number. Once you enter the number the website will forward the password to your email (the email account you used when you registered with ICQ). If you also forgot your ICQ number then you must provide some personal info to verity that you are the account owner.


The questions asked will vary but it may be your nickname, email address, mother’s name etc. They will ask these questions to help find your number in their ICQ database. Once this has been done they will email the password or reset it.

ICQ Password Recovery Tools

There are a lot of password recovery programs for ICQ. While they differ in terms of appearance and style, all of them are capable of reading an encrypted file. They can also look for your password by looking in the ICQ database.

If you are going to use one of these, make sure that you follow all the directions as they will vary. But they are no longer that difficult to use since they come with a GUI (graphical user interface). If you are having trouble suing the program, look at its help files and the developer website for more information.

The Brute Force Method

This is another method you can sue to get back a forgotten ICQ password. Brute force software will simply try all possible combinations to find the right one.

There are lots of these on the web and they come with many help files. The only drawback with these brute force programs is that will take a long time to work. That is why it is much better to try and reset the password instead.

More Facts about ICQ


This is an IM (instant messaging) application created by Mirabilis. It was later bought by America Online and then by the Group. ICQ was first released in 1998 and became the first widely popular Internet IM service. Since it came out, numerous versions have appeared and each was bundled with new features. Some of them include a user directory that is searchable, multiplayer games, greeting cards and resumable file transfers.

ICQ also allows for SMS sending free, multi-user chats and offline user messaging. It was also one of the first IM proms that allowed the use of emoticons. The software has also been released for the Mac in 2010. The software was built via Adobe AIR and can be used in other operating systems like Linux.

The application also lets you choose an avatar. Most ICQ versions also have a game center. You just click it and it will allow you to play against your friends. The next version of the program even has more features designed to make it easier for people to learn and use.

While it is comforting to know you can use brute force to recover your ICQ password, it is much better if you just reset the password as it is much easier.

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